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Please Up the Spawn of Deinotherium

Deinotherium seems to be as rare as finding Para Lux. I’ve only found one so far and I park hop every walk and even more when out on my bike.
I’m running into the usual amounts of Doedicurus’s but just not getting Deino’s.


Deinotherium has been spotted 5 times and darted twice by me so maybe it’s just your luck

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I’m doing mine though sanctuaries. Quicker than waiting for her to appear in Parks.

After Friday or Saturday once I make the Unique Compy, I may throw Deino in a sanctuary just to make the last creature I can get. Do you know if Deino is a Dusk, Night, Dawn spawn?

Its a park spawn anytime

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Remove Park Spawns altogether and spread them throughout the map.