Please update the friends list!

I know I have brought this up before, but this is really a major friction point for me and many other people who raid a lot and help moderate Discord sites - the friends list. The list is too limited in scope and often I cannot help out or invite people who need raids due to the fact my list is full. We need more than 100 spots, or, even better, an alternative way to invite people to raids without limitations (ie, a search engine built in with autofill for people you’ve raided with in the past). It’s really becoming very difficult to sort who is on who’s friends list, pass lobbys, shuffle around individuals. It takes up so much time, and the list is buggy enough as it is. If you change anything in the game in the future please let it be the friends list system <3 Thanks so much!

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Sadly the only easy way is to just raid with alliance members right now since they don’t need to be on your friends list