Please upgrade : play collectively IRL (to meet other players and create local groups)


Dear Ludia team,

Should it be possible to add a social gaming system :couple:, such as setting up a group on a raid to defeat bosses (like WOW or ARK or POKEMON), creating little freindly groups/clans or communities that could compete or defeat strategic positions, or creating collective quests… ?

Players would like this game to allow them to create friendships in real life and meet other players to share their experience of this game and to hunt disonaurs collectively. For the moment we feel alone in this game. :disappointed_relieved:

Readers, give your opinion, and thank you to like this post. Ludia can hear our call !

Thanks to Ludia for this fantastic game and for listening your players.

It should be the better upgrade for this game.

Kind regards,

DPG member, level 11




I think community isn’t big enought :sweat:


Yeah, exactly! I’m our big city we have only 26 people in the game chat and most of them live not so close to me. I agree, that the game would be so much cooler of it had a community part. But I think that it should start with something not so important cause many players won’t find friends in their towns to complete the community tasks or raids


The game Ingress nice location-based chat feature. Would be nice to see one in this game too.


As long as the game does not allow us to play in a group, we do not realize the number of players around us.
In my case, I see more and more players who join us in our chat of our city.
The last people who hesitate to leave Pokemon Go and join us on JWA, tell me that they do not want to play JWA precisely because there is no social mode.
I think that such an improvement will bring the last people who are still hesitating.
People will ask their friends to join them on their groups and then, the number of players will increase.


The irony, I found local JWA players by asking my local group in app The Walking Dead Our World. Always wanted a social feature, I’d probably end up talking more than I do battles lol.

I prefer to hunt solo though, they can’t keep up with me :joy:


Call this a clan or a Group. But I believe there should be a section in which you can team up with other players. Donate DNA and other things


I live in a pretty crowded city in northern California, I have never seen anyone else playing JWA in streets. Several dudes asked me whether I’m playing PoGo and would love to friend me.:joy: