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Please VOTE for Naomlen!

I have lv.15~17 characters (#3 Airborne)

First of all,
I think Naomlen is more powerful than Farideh in PvP
(She who has Epic daggers is a powerful counter of FIGHTER)
but the former’s leveling is more difficult than the latter in PvE

as well as,
XP only runs about 15 times but Gear can several times, therefore Gear is more helpful for your leveling in my opinion.

sorry for my bad English. SFMBE
have a good day, dude

100% agree!

Who cares about PvP? I am about 900XP from leveling Faridah up. Don’t need to now as I beat the game today, but I already vote yesterday because I thought I would need her to be level 11 or higher to win. Not a fan of tieflings, but I don’t like undwarflike dwarves much either usually so I didn’t want to be forced to use Naomlen for these levels instead of a character who could be used to beat the game. Already voted for Faridah yesterday.

Hey, Horke
I’m sorry if I felt compelled to you.
That was just a persuasion.

XP runs about 15 times,
but GEAR can run as much as you want :laughing:

I have a locked room for Farideh that I have been working towards ever since they reset the update last month. I’m finally only 50,000 xp away from opening it. I vote for her.

Helps save on gems, and the good equipment is usually for the character. Why would I want good equipment for a character I don’t use?

Because the game makes you use them all

Only in PvP which for me is just a way to get gold. I rarely used her in the campaign.