Pled for Dimorphodon

Just was looking at the worst dinosaurs in the game I found it and of course it’s

Having only one good match up… that’s only a 50%… against brontotherium of all things.

So I wanted to ask since ludia I think a couple of patches ago nerfed hard…does Dimorphodon need a buff? And if so what what would it be. And if not also explain why?

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(I honestly feel no dinosaur or creature should be so bad it loses to everyone)

You have to remember that pterosaurs are not meant to be front line fighters. They are a support type and in this case, you swap it in for the surprise bleed mechanic.


True but other are no where near as weak as dim and usally have the bulk and damage to do something

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The fact it’s beaten but everything in the game I feel is something that shouldn’t happen

Also not asking for a Gemini buff just maybe attack to 1000, or Health to 3,500. Or maybe give evasive strike small stuff like that

The head-to-head matchups are not really a very accurate representation of dinosaurs with swap-in/swap-out moves.

Dimorphodon can annihilate several dinos in the game.

Tryko about to go for Instant Distraction?
Swap in Dimorphodon => Gashing Wound.

Tryko is dead.

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Pfffffty hahahahahahah :joy::rofl:

That tryko has to be under 1,125 health not only that it can easily be one shot. I mean it has 500 attack the lowest in the game it can’t make up for thy especially with only 3k health I mean when you ever see a dimorphodon used even in low arenas instead it’s way better rival

It need more attack or just better speed and moves

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And I mean we have better finishers anyway, the ceratopsians, dracorex, sucho and iguanodon do much better jobs of saving your team or finishing or stalling the last Dino but the fact this thing can’t pterosaur can’t handle other commons it very bad

Ps: last bar shows swap out meaning how it’s can win by swapping out or in

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Dimorph should get a stunning wound. THAT’S BETTER. It has a 75% to stun, and a 25% bleed, what can go wrong :slight_smile:


Knowing ludia… very very wrong

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh :thinking:

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Imagine that on dimodactylus or a kerta hybrid

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Next move idea, instant boost
Kill all 4 creatures of enemy team

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