Pled for Dimorphodon

Pterosaurs have always been weak in the game but that is because, as I mentioned earlier, they are support creatures who are used primarily for swap in abilities. You should never try them as a one on one creature because they will lose. Dimorphodon is a common so she isn’t going to be great anyway.

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True but even hazt is better again it just need to be strong enough to beat something… anything

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Speaking of hatz she is infinitely better even though swap support Dino… all I’m saying is let it beat at least even one thing in a 1v1 even majunga one of the most trash commons is like trykosaurus compared to dimo

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Imagine dimorphodon with 10k hp.

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Attack buff. Scaph has 950 attack. Darwin has 970 attack. And dimo has only 500 attack. Why? He also should have at least 900 attack


There have to be bad dinos for there to be good dinos. I like this little guy anyway.

Maybe create a powerful epic Gen 2 Dimorphodon on top of a Dimorphodon Gen 1 buff?

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Who knows, maybe for an April fools joke they could do somthing like that for a boss fight, although we gotta create a cheesy name for it

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Dimorphodon needs a buff. 500 attack is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too little. The only good thing about it is the DoT. Even spino and sucho have decent or kind-of decent damage. Dimorphodon should have about 800+ damage and about 3600+ health.

Huh? Tryko can be on 100% health?

25 * 2 + 30 * 2 = 110. Anything hit by swap in wound then gashing wound is going to take 80% health by the time Dimorphodon is dead. It has 128 speed so that is a lot of dinos.

Besides, do you have any idea how many Strike towers I have taken out with Dimorphodon? Anything you can tank 1 hit from that doesn’t slow is basically dead. It’s especially hilarious if you can guess a swap-in move where they gain… Ferocity or Shield, or… (just not slow).