Plotosaurus VIP Tournament 3/7/2022-3/10/2022

First run
Good luck everyone!


What you see below is COViD-19 effects!
I’m ok, being at home all day and played a little more😛


Get well soon. It’s become a good present for you in the quarantine you have, so enjoy it.

Have a nice recovery.:v:t2: @petran_gr


Second match for me personally for this March.

I’m really excited. This is one of the last 3 VIP creatures I do not have.

Hopefully the Stygimoloch and the Ankylosaurus Gen. 2 follow soon!

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Has there been a 4 day VIP tournament before? Do you recon there will be more trophies needed, than the 3 day variants? Or maybe the same number, because of the maintainance downtime?

I think my Lineup gets finaly better suited for the dominator matches. I won about 10 in this league already :slight_smile: . Or are the battles easier in this tournament?

Cannot speak to how many trophies I think it’ll take, but dominator seems pretty standard in terms of difficulty. The earlier rounds for me were alittle harder than usual up until predator when it evened back out to normal difficulty.

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How lucky I am.


Data at just under the halfway mark
And some nice rewards along the way


Data with alittle over a day left


Data last night

Current data


I think I’m done😛


No, it’s worth going for a couple of more 37k coins.


The 18k food and the 100 DNA’s cards lured me😛

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With this update, I’m having opponents with 4 blocks more often, even happened many times in this tourney. They turn it into a loop and change the game into a patience drill. How lovely, at least we have 37k coins. Looking on the bright side.


I mentioned the same on Arctodus tournament in one post
Like something has changed
They want to make the opponents less predictable maybe :thinking:

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To @Cagkan_Coskun point…the tournament rewards need adjustments now. I also see what you mean by its frustrating to play tournaments. I mean every time it seems the reward is the almighty, the legendary, the omnipotent 37k coins. Boooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnng. Ill likely pause my vip again. I need to evaluate if its still worth it.

I agree with you about the prizes. But being a VIP member gives you access to play that tournament. Regardless of the small prizes won, at the end finishing in dominator league (pretty easy always with bottom dom almost never expanding 1100 cups) you will get a VIP creature that usually costs 35K lps, 3900 lp’s at the end and maybe 22.500 dna or 4500 db’s. IMO that’s totally worth it!


Dqta with 13 hours left
Thats gonna be a wrap for me.
Goodluck to those still working on it.

Not sure how much more i should do?