Plotosaurus VIP Tournament - 7/17/2020 - 7/20/2020

It is official. Plotosaurus will be the featured creature in this weekend’s VIP Tournament. Plotosaurus most recently had a tournament 9/16/19. That one lasted 1 day, 5 hours and required 411 trophies. The recent trend in tournaments has been exactly 3 days. This trend includes the Pterodaustro VIP Tournament which required 963 trophies


Hopefully it’s another short tournament so we can get 3X LPs for the pack :grin:


I wouldn’t count on it


963 is a pretty big jump from 411.

@Bandeezee I’ve never participated in any VIP tourney apart from the Pterodaustro, and there I finished in Predator. In the past few VIP tourneys, what was the maximum number of trophies to be safe? And would you need more powerful creatures than normal to get into Dominator?

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It was also a jump from one day to three.


Here’s the breakdown of the multiday VIP Tournaments

Pterodaustro - 6/22/20 - 3d - 963
Stygimoloch x2 - 5/4/20 - 3d 5h - 1245
Proceratosaurus - 3/30/20 - 3d 5h - 982
Metoposaurus - 3/23/30 - 2d - 751
Wuerhosaurus - 2/24/20 - 3d 5h - 1021
Giant Orthocone x2 - 1/27/20 - 3d 5h - 984
Stygimoloch x2 - 11/18/19 - 3d 5h - 1260
Rhomaleosaurus - 10/21/19 - 3d 5h - 984

As far as strength of lineup, the same creatures should work as in a regular tournament

Edit: be mindful of the Metoposaurus tournament. That was a weekday tournament and not a traditional weekend tournament


Thank you for the information @Andy_wan_kenobi I’m looking forward to the tournament. I have a Plotosaurus at lvl 30 already.


Saw this impossible ferocity sorting in my lineup today. I have no idea what database with what kind of index they use for their sorting display but this can not be.

Tyrannosaurus Rex 2.Gen has less ferocity than Quetzalcoatlus but is stronger than one of them? This is some kind of logic from another dimension. :face_with_monocle:

Edit: This is possible if they divide the result of or accepted formula by 10 and round the result. If they do so both of them would have a ferocity of 178.


@Tommi Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 be like “All right, Super Rare boy, let the Goldies have your seat” :joy:

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Quetzal clearly has 3 more hp, unless I’m in the wrong universe.

@Sionsith when will the score prediction be ready? I think this time I can comfortably finish in Dominator.

Currently at 17th.


Give him some space and time…

Predictions for this tournament won’t be out until tomorrow mid day, the tournament has to establish a pattern in the second day for the prediction to have any basis in data. With out the data I could say the prediction is this tournament will end somewhere between 700 and 2,000. That prediction is correct but not very helpful :wink:.


@Sionsith gotcha XD, no hurry… this time I am pretty confident of a Dominator finish.

Hahaha, love it.

It is not that the t rex is stronger but that he is at a level very close to the pterosaurs so he ends up staying among them despite having a little less life…

I think @Tommi is referring to the fact that the T-Rex is appearing in between the 3 Quetzas that are the same (and slightly higher) ferocity. It does appear to be a bug of some kind, since all 3 should be higher than the T-Rex due to having higher ferocity. If the sort was by attack only, then it would make sense. Probably is due to some kind of rounding being used.