Pls change the matching formula by arena

It is so obvious high flyers are dropping to lower arena for easy win after every tournament, why can’t this be just fixed with a simple method by locking every player to their highest arena achieved.
Why u continue to frustrate lower level players by this mismatch which directly encourage more to drop to frustrate others.
A mismatch has no skill content, u don’t ask a primary student to take a University exam.
How do u expect an average lvl 20 team to win a average lvl of 28? with Indoraptor and others at lvl 30 but sitting at lower 4000 now…and many others…

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I agree that once you hit an arena you shouldn’t be able to fall lower. Example… you get to 3005 and lose your next match. You only go down to 3000 no matter how many trophies you lose and so on. As for the exclusive Dino’s. They should just be added to the dna pool as you unlock them by hitting the arena

Good idea.