Pls do something about this ludia

This is what i typically see when i start the game.
I used to see around 10 dinos around me, but it slowly decreased to 2.
With a vision range of around 350 meters, that is 2 dinos on 0.1 square kilometers…
Come on ludia, make this playable again!


I can almost hear the wind blow while a tumbleweed rolls by.


Can anyone from ludia at least reply to this?
@Ned @John @J.C
Now i dont even know if you read it, and I dont feel like emailing this to suppport as well :sweat_smile:

323 darts lul

Ye, on peoples advice i started spending all my saved cash on opening incus

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Consider yourself somewhat fortunate because you have supply drops. You could be left with nothing like over where I am at. I had an supply drop for 2 years and also had a sanc from the time it all started. All stripped from me, so I am left with nothing and can hardly contribute to my alliance. I guess we are all victims of the Ludia screw job.


well, im not only trying this for me.
assuming ludia didnt specifically target my home, the rest of us also suffer,
this is a hunting game, and with so many strong dinos being locked away as exclusives, at least hunting should remain viable and offer us something to play for.
i find more dino’s in pokemon go than in jwa like this, and it needs fixing asap


I agree that Ludia needs to take off the blinders and look at the game from brand new eyes to see that the game needs to be fixed.


There is an email dedicated to map issues that gets checked, let me track that down.

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I had 7 supply drops at work, that’s dwindled down to 3.

I used to have plentiful creatures, even though they were pretty much useless commons.

Now I get 3.

I’m not sure how decreasing available game items will increase play time… I mean, I get the thought process behind it but you need a game that works well and is interesting first. The game is only interesting, it doesn’t work well, and it loses it’s luster quickly when there are no creature resources to collect.

Drove 100 miles yesterday… guess what I didn’t see anywhere. (Epic snake)

@J.C Are they trying to kill this game? Because this is how you kill a game.

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No, they are not trying to kill the game, but they also don’t have perfect control over where the points populate, in the same way, many other AR games don’t have perfect control.

Dev’s are only a few people versus an entire plant worth of points (supply drops).


thank you, need coffee, send help


I believe this is

That it is! Thank you my good sir, and I now have coffee, so we good to go.

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Try drinking it, you keep making spelling mistakes :wink:

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@J.C Will map refreshment issues and proximity spawns freezing the game be fixed in near future? All started with 1.10 update. In freezing weather is really annoying waiting 2-5 minutes that game stabilizes after map refreshments.

They are still optimizing but there will never be a “fix” update, only minor improvements and tweaks to prevent losing all supply drops.


ye, but going from 10 to 2 spawns progressively doesnt fall under “not perfect control”, its 80%, so its more like policy.
Its like your taxes going up by 400% and the government saying they dont have exact control over the taxes :sweat_smile:

Logic would dictate that if this were the case, there would also be extreme hot spots where there are an overabundance of supply drops and creature spawns.

Outside of all the green event drops being in parks, I have never witnessed an overabundance of supply drops and creature spawns in my normal tri-state travels.