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Pls fix the game

Look I love ludia and I live ther games although over the years I’ve fell out of them cough cough jw the game cough cough so when I joined as soon as the game launched I was in love and I played it all the time I loved the class system and the weird and crazy hybrids it was awesome. Yet lately stuff like this

Have made the game less and less compelling to come back to cause Ik as soon as I lose one battle or level up a Dino I’m gonna fall in the arena or won’t find anything in the wild so ludia I’m just saying pls take care of this game since it’s really ur biggest money maker don’t make so hard that newer players and even veterans don’t want to play. All I ask pls make necessary changes and reverts to make it fun again

Sincerely a concerned gamer



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Looks to me like you need to get Quetzorion, Maxima, or Magna?

Lol have been grinding for those for a while just short on Argo tank and quetz

Plus irrator and dimetr are soooooo hard to come by

Got to just keep grinding. I beat all these monsters unboosted too. Try to see what your opponents boost stats are like. Figure out there counters and build up your team! It takes awhile. Idk how long you have played but I been playing since launch.

Others are more ahead of me because I stopped playing with the introduction of swap in rampage. But I came back xD

Now Rat and procerat they don’t really have multiple counters because they’re mascots. But Thor… Rinex, Utahsino, Magna, indoraptor (dodge), erlidom (dodge), and even maxima. For the indos its quetzorion, maxima mainly. Or your own indo. Tenontorex can kill them too if it hits through dodge. There’s a lot to it outside of the rats. You also have to just think about setups. Dio might die from indo but not before slowing/damaging it. Setting it for your next dino.

You could try using swap-in-bleed.

Those birds are fast in speed.

And maby you then could take a hit and use a new attack.

This could work as a set up for a faster dino or a revenge dino you have.

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Lol same been playing since launch and I have it’s just harder since I live in a desert so I don’t get that many Dino’s

And this is what I mean ya sure they exsited back in the day as well but they were never this bad.

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I was barely lucky enough to survive with 2 hp and hit him for a crit living him with enough that I could swap in with my tryko but see!

Just laugh at the guy who wasted boosts on an allosaurus and move on. You’re not supposed to have a chance at every match.

Lol I did but it’s just like sad to see people who are well guess it’s time to mess it up for all these kids and just now thru and then they intentionally lose just so they can stay in the lower arenas