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Pls Make Tournaments Easier Pls

We spend so much time to get these creatures when we could be doing anything else and we save up so many dino bucks but then when the tournament comes it drains it and some battles in the tournament are rigged they put in way to op creatures in like hunter! Pls fix tournaments who agrees?

Nope, the Tournament as such is not as bad as you think it is. Lineup Deepening and Strengthening come into major play, but above all is patience. This isn’t a short term Game that finishes all its glory in 3 months of playing, instead if you’re in for the long grind you will be able to succeed.

Also, Hunter does sometimes match you up with extra powerful opponents, this is admitted — I do not know why but since the last few months I’ve observed occassionally they give you extra powerful matches at times in lower leagues. But don’t judge the entirity of tournaments by these few matches.

Once you get a deep enough Lineup, you won’t be minding the loss of a few creatures to the over powered matchups. This is why I personally recommend you to start the first few matches in lower leagues with level 1 commons, it’s no guarantee that the ferocity will stabilize but just as a preventive measure in case it does.


u just have to improve your lineup you will get there

Alright I do have gorgsuchus on the way

I understand your frustration! We’ve all thought this as some point. Like the others mentioned it takes time to build up that deep bench. One day you won’t have to use dinobucks at all.

There’s always this sense of pressure because Ludia keeps releasing these awesome new creatures…but don’t worry if you miss them. They are going to come back around eventually and by then your bench will be able to handle it effortlessly.