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Pls offer Boosters Reset Option

As there are many kinds of tourneys awaiting, we need to boost this and boost that, from commons to uniques. Once we have boosted uniques, we can’t boost commons, rare or epics well, and vice versa.

On the other hand, previous offers of boosters had created choas in the whole game and that might have stopped Ludia selling more booster sets. So if a new thing, Boosters Reset Option (BRO) is created, BRO users can reset all boosters allocated to dinos by using each BRO. That would make our dino picking decision more efficient. This BRO can be listed in the store like Epic Scents. Players can buy unlimited BRO when they can afford it. As to the price of BRO, I would say 200 Hard Cash is a reasonable price.

Ludia, I think you should seriously consider my suggestion. It improves both your revenues and players gaming efficiency!!!


That’s a good suggestion. Too sad that Ludia ignores all good suggestions.


This will NOT benefit their pockets at all. Once boosts become available in the store again, Ludia will make a lot of money from those with deep pockets, just because they will want to boost all of their different dinos for the different tournaments.

With a reset like that, it will cut into the profits. I highly doubt Ludia would ever consider such an option to be fair.


I’d be willing to pay up to $50 for an item that resets all boosts on the account.


How exactly is a boost reset not profitable, can you elaborate? Almost everyone agrees that a boost reset is VERY valuable and it’s one of the reason a lot of people are upset exploiters are getting another one.

New hybrids will come and replace others in the future metas. Freeing up points to apply to newer ones is EXTREMELY valuable.

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Boost reset 1x every tournament is less profitable then having to buy boosts for every single dino used for all tournies. Which what reset would be mostly used for a lit of players. Switch boosts to the dinos used in a current tournament and then switch back at the end of it

You seem to be under the impression nobody would ever buy both a boost reset AND more boosts. We aren’t you, friend. I can tell you right now that if I spent money on this game I’d be buying both, but if given the option resets > more boosts.

There’s still an upper limit tho. People would only buy enough boost to get 8 dinos to MAX and that would be it, if there were such a thing as boost resets. The way it is now, as Meta’s shift and boosted dinos become obsolete, Ludia stands to make quit a bit more since people would have “wasted” boosts on the now irrelevant dinos and need to buy a whole NEW set of boosts to replace said dino.


This is also what you will do. I don’t know if others will buy both.
With the reset available, players can reallocate their boosts to viable dinos. When there are new dinos, they can reallocate their boosts to those dinos without buying new boosts. But without reset, players have to buy extra boosts to boost their new dinos if they want to, there is no way to reallocate the boosts. Obviously this makes more profit.
I would rather prefer completely removing the boosts.


This is just ABSOLUTELY untrue and I’m so tired of seeing this nonsensical statement just thrown around. Ludia has made very good changes to this game since the very beginning and is trying hard to appeal to the wants of a million people. Of course it’s hard to succeed there! Give them some support instead of this kind of insulting commentary that is clearly untrue!!


BRO not necessarily hurts Ludia’s profit. Why??

When there is a tourney, players need to reset once. When they want to accumulate DBI or arena incubators, they need to reset back. For a 2-day tourney, players need to reset 4 times! That is 800 Hard Cash over one weekend.As we have experienced, I suppose there are 2 tourneys every month. So we need to pay 1600 hard cash to remain competitive!

The revenue is almost the same as selling 1 set of boosters ( which cost 1000 hard cash and Ludia’s credibility). And Ludia don’t need to do anything by selling BRO! This is the incentive why Ludia should adopt my suggestion.

@Ren @Jorge @Ned


As opposed to their original plan of 2 x 500 per day and an additional 500 on Sunday?

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I had suggested the ability to remove boosts to reallocate them with the penalty of only getting 50%, 66% or 75% of them back. So if you remove all the speed off one creature at tier 4 which cost a total of 30 boosts, you only get 15 or 20 or 23 of them back to reallocate.


My opinion on this boost topic:
Idea is good, having it permanently boosted is wrong.
Since is called “BOOST” it shd be temporary. All stats shd be reset to original.
A “BOOST GEM” which can be bought from store and received from a boost tower once a week.
This boost gem, when applied, will boost the entire arena team selected by 2-3 tiers, but lasted only for 2-3 battles.
Arena will have more fun, hardworking players don’t get discourage by all pay to win players.
More tactical in selection…


That’s what is figured they would be when they first came out. Temporary. Maybe last for a match, 5, 10 whatever. Available in shop or incubator. Then during tournament time players would obviously want them for the whole tournament. Put some kind of cap in place which would limit the amount of dinos they would be on.

Battling hasn’t been to bad the last few days though.

I think this suggestion could work. It would stop ppl from abusing the relocation and make you think twice before wasting anything. I don’t think it should be too steep. But high enough to make ppl really think. Right now if you choose wrong you are pretty much stuck with continuing. Or lose advantages against others. Of course this would cost HC. So win win for ludia


It’s like what others have already mentioned, once you have invested into your first 8 dinos, you will be compelled to continue or else they will lag behind. If you decided to boost another 1-3 dinos, your boosts will be spreaded too thin to make an impact in the arena as it is right now.

By the looks of things, Ludia may not have a solution regarding the boosts sales in the store yet.


I would not buy boosts for sub-optimal dinos for tournament purposes.
I WOULD buy a reset for a tournament, and then buy a second one after a tournament.
Under current mechanics, I’m conservative with boosts.
They go to my meta team, and then banked.
If I could reset them? I’d be more inclined to use them and STILL buy more.
(And if I mess up? I may have to use resets back to back. Money!)

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You are not the demographic Ludia caters to. They will continue to cater to the people willing to spend $10.00 a day once boosts are back in the shop. Sad but true.


20 dolars for reset a single dino 1 time, give tons of benefits, almost 160 dolars for reset all, its a wonderfull idea for ludia pockets, they put it soon or later.

Personaly i hope they dont implement this, i want a tournanents whit cap level an disable bost