Pls remove deceleration resistance from cunning

Title,cubing should not have resistance to speed decrease evacuate it breaks the class system,a resilient should be able to slow a cunning,not the cunning being able to outspeed it because of any resistance to speed decrease

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Aren’t there fierce with Distract resistance and resilients with Rend and DoT resistance? I think that makes it fair. There aren’t really any problematic cunnings with decel resistance anyway.


There’s Resilients with Dot Resistance and Fierces with Distract/Crit reduction Resistance(like @HolyPoly1026 said) also there’s a flock with 66% Rend Resistance

Only pure fiercest with them are,gigantic,tryko,posti I think,Both Indian Other than there is no pure fierce with distract resistance

Resilients wouldn’t stand a chance if this were the case. The idea is resilients are supposed to be a counter for cunnings, and cunning a counter for fierce, and fierce a counter for resilients. It’s how the game works :slight_smile:

Indom, Indom G2, Secodontosaurus, Edaphosaurus, Tryostronix, Giganyx, and Postimetrodon, all being pure fierce with distract resistance, make seven, which is the same amount of cunnings with decel immunity. I don’t see why decel resistance needs to be removed from any cunnings when the ones that have it aren’t even good.

Problem is,they have full immunity to deceleration,un like the fierces with distraction resistance,something like 50% for erlidom is fine by me,but immunity breaks the class system

There’s also too many resilients with Pin Immunity. But there’s no pure resilients with Rend Resistance,and only 3 with Bleed resistance. But yeah too many have Pin, especially tanks which just hurts.

That’s more an issue of swap prevent being bad because everything has resistance to it rather than creatures being too strong because they have resistance to it.

I mean, it’s worth noting that the only meta-relevant Cunning with ANY Speed Decel Resistance is Hydra-Boa. As far as other pure Cunnings go they’ve pretty much have completely fallen out of favor and are very easy to deal with nowadays.

The rest, and in fact the majority of problem Cunnings these days, are all either Cunning-Fierce or Cunning Resilient, so it’s somewhat reasonable for them to have Deceleration Resistance; and generally speaking, the Deceleration resistance is hardly the crux of why the problem ones are problems to begin with.

That’s true, but tanks specifically really shouldn’t have it as it helps to counter their counters, which are bleeders.