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Pls share with us how to grow faster

This Pterovexus grows extremely fast:

Monday 26–>Thursday 27 --> Saturday 28

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This guy is part of a spoofer alliance dont care what anyone else says. He had that thing L24 on the first day.

Strange how he has a L22 kapro and is able to get so much ourano/anky/goldchicken…


Found enough Darwin to not only get the unique but give it seven levels?


You meant L22 spinota? Cuz I can’t see Kapro :yum: I’m totally agreed with your observation


Yeahh sorry my bad :joy: half asleep as usual! I stupidly used 4 scents the other day in a park… 1 Darwin out of all of them. Unless this guy sits in a park scenting day and night Its not possible.


from lvl 27->28, 400 unique dnas needed…equivalent to 4000-4400 darwin dnas and 1000-1100 monomimus dnas.

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Say he darts 250 per Darwin and needs 4200. Thats pretty much 17 Darwins just for one level. To get 17 in one day just isnt possible without geospoofing.

My concern is why he is running it in the team its an awful dino from what i have seen from it

Name shaming will get you banned.
Spoofing doesn’t.
Need I say more?

Can’t beat them? Join them.

Considering Darwin is park only I don’t see how it’s spoofing. If you have enough cash and keep dropping epic scents at a park you will get more than enough dna in a weeks span. Even if they are it doesn’t matter cause in the end who ever drops the most coin usually has better teams.

Not the most likely explanation :arrow_heading_up:

It does when you’re on the leaderboard and get matched up against these tools… and also for the good people who aren’t there yet but trying to (but the spots are all taken up b.c of these guys)


You just have to play the game and enjoy it and not worry about the leaderboards. Things like this are in every game so just do you and play.


Sure makes you not want to battle in the arenas (or any online battle at all) anymore though. Go nothing but down in trophies without spending money because spoofers/bots greatly increasing as ludia does nothing because they don’t care. It’s just income to ludia from them needing to buy coins.

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Bro…that’s kind of the motive of the game. Getting better dinos so as to climb your way up the ranks. This mentality is the death of progress, and even worse if we get to the point of tolerating cheaters that are there that don’t deserve to be. Ludia went through and made a big cheat sweep once, I have faith that they can do it again.


I’ve climbed my way up to 5k it can be done. No one said it’s being tolerated all I’m saying is you can’t do anything about it right now. Ludia is well aware of it and it’s on them to get it done so it’s not something people should stress themselves out over.

Are you sure that someone can find 17+ Darwins even when geo-spoofing?

I work/live near park and using scents many times, but only found 1x Darwin during scent active. Though found really currently useless Pternadon many times.

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My last epic scent in a park I got 5 Ptero and a secondo… I have strong doubts someone spent thousands of real world dollars as well as 100s of hours. It is more than a little fishy to see these things happening, cheaters are typically a few steps ahead of prevention

I agree. I really believe that these cheaters are not only doing spoofing but more than that. And that should be the first thing Ludia needs to address.

According to my understanding (theoretical analysis) even with spoofing you will be spending hours playing + money on scents and coins. So it will mostly save you going out but can’t help you further.

These accounts reported here are really insane having high levels on uniques with-in mater of days which is not possible using only spoofing IMO

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But how he got to know where and when Darwin would spawn? :thinking:

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When you can type in coordinates and ‘teleport’ across the world to find them yes. 17 would be difficult but 100% possible.

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