Plz add tabs to separate the guild chat from requests

If a chat gets going it buries the requests

Guild interface in general is pretty lacking. Tabs, filter, search, and/ or threads could help a lot.

@Froth, issues such as the bloated guild tab and related server connectivity issues have dragged on for months. Even though players such as yourself have taken the time to present simple common sense solutions, the developer remains incapable of resolving even small issues such as this one. I am uncertain why. Possible reasons might include, ignorance resulting from a reluctance to heed and understand player concerns, organization disorganization, budgetary constraints, or sheer technical incompetence. Regardless of the reason, such neglect has turned this once promising app into a dumpster-fire. Hopefully they can resolve the internal issues before assigning WoW staff over to their ‘yet to be announced’ project.

I have linked below a few of the past threads which touched upon unresolved guild tab concerns, dating back to December 2019. Perhaps you will find something of interest therein.

Guild Tab Freezes
Guild interface needs work
The games state and its continued decline

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That moment when you click to donate for a friend, the game freezes for several seconds and then when it comes back your actions are all locked and you have to restart the app is the most annoying thing I experienced in 36 years of gaming. More than playing NES’ battletoads when you had no clue.


@Froth So, when the guild chat is opened, there is a bird with an upward arrow shown if there are unfulfilled guild requests that are out of sight. Clicking the arrow/bird will take you to those requests. I find it useful and well implemented.

@Baladir I can tell you as a programmer and user interface designer, plus someone who relies heavily on user friendly designs everyday - it is an abysmal, useless and dreadfully implemented feature. I wouldn’t even create this car crash for someone who’d insulted me and then not paid me. I find that the pigeon adds even more annoyance and interference to the chat screen and doesn’t properly go away even when it’s scrolled to the missed messages.

@Wolvierine we can liken this gaming annoyance to the equivalent of an adventure game being spanned across 4 floppy disks and there being a fatal error on disk 3 of 4 so that you cannot continue the game even though you’ve got well into the story.


@ninja I don’t think you like the feature much. Just a guess ;).