Plz do not ban for making this post

uhhh im new here and im not sure where the discuss section is… usually all the wikis have a discuss section where they can talk about the game.

dang i figured the jurrasic wiki wouldnt be too active but this is pretty dead ._.

not sure if that counts as a slur…

this is a forum not a wiki

This forum has several topics to talk about several different things so just find or create a topic to discuss about a thing(arena, raids, help, etc etc) and that’s it, I think. idk I am still not entirely sure about the jwa forums

@Snake_Dude, yeah thats right. the forums talking about balancing, new creatures of ideas to add to the game, report bugs, raids, sometimes fun stories or somewhat fun topics like guess the creature. They also sometimes talk about new dino discoveries.

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The forums are a place for the community of a game to get together to discuss tactics, pitch ideas, or just hang. What you do should have an audience, as there’s something here for everyone