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Plz Explain


I was stunned by dilocherius who had 8 hps left on swap in with my tryko. My tryko was full health and survived the hit. Then he used swap out rampage but i survived that hit as well and thought i would win but my tryko didn’t counter attack. Why did he not counter? I ended up losing the match btw.


Because Tryko was stunned. Counterattack won’t activate if your creature is stunned.


Its unfair really but you lose both counters ifnur faster or swap in and get stunned


U don’t counter when ur stunned :joy:

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I’ve had a similar bug recently show up in the arena, where my Tryko goes for Instance Invincibility when they swap, and the shield stays up an extra turn because their swap didn’t count as a turn. It also works for instant distract where you distract the player for a “extra” turn because their swap didn’t count.

Is this a glitch or am I missing something?


That’s how it works. It does that because a switch happens at the very start of a turn, before anything else. Since you go second, despite priority, Instant Shield/Distraction stays up since the one turn isn’t used up yet. It also happens if your opponent uses a priority move at the same time you do, but your opponent’s goes first because they have higher speed(for the purpose of this example they do, anyways).

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It’s not unfair when it happens to a Tryko.


Because when a counter attacker is stunned, it loses 1.5 turns - not just one. They’ll maybe address this in update 1.13 or so…


its a hard stun. chance you take when you swap in on a stun move…


I don’t understand why people say it doesn’t make sense, honestly. It makes sense because a stun prevents your turn from happening. Since your creature can’t make a normal attack, why should it be able to make a counter attack? I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, I’m just saying it makes sense.


It actually loses the counter, the attack and the second counter. So you can see why some think it’s unfair (I’m in that position)


Again, I’m not saying I don’t understand that. I get people not liking it. What I don’t get is when people say it doesn’t make sense. It does. To put it in real life terms, I could be the world’s greatest martial artist, able to counter any move you use on me. But if you’re somehow able to knock me unconscious, which I understand the ridiculousness of considering my example but just stick with me on this, I can’t do a dang thing about it.

And just for future reference, I’m totally on the side of people who think it’s dumb. It sucks, and I would be happy if it got changed. I just think it makes sense that it works the way it already does.


Its only loses all of that if its stunned by a creature thats slower then it… otherwise its just a 1 turn loss.

Stunners are the direct counter to counter attackers… its supposed to be a bad match up. A similar in game comparison is a raptors strongest assest is its speed… but most tanks can slow them removing their strongest feature. Slow stunners do the same to counter attackers.

If counter attackers didnt also get kicked around by most chompers and bleeders it would feel more balanced… and counter attackers would be played more and so would stunners… and we might almost have a diverse meta.

The plus side is most counter attackers are naturally slower then most stunners so unless you use a priority move against this scenario doesnt show up often.

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Oh cool, you agree completely then. I know it makes sense I just think it shouldn’t be that way :slight_smile:


If I’m being completely honest, the only reason I’ve never been straight up mad about it is because it makes sense. Still sucks, though. :joy:

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I look forward to finding you in the arena :smirk: