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Plz have a change in events

This month is a full of waste with rubbish events. Not even a single week of very nice dinos like… T-Rex, Blue,etc. And pls add some legendary a month.! Plz get a change in the events. Good events make the game more interesting and attreact more players.FB_IMG_1598508410382|690x359

Just because you want the DNA of those dinos doesn’t mean everyone else does too. There’s always players that have progressed further than you and less than you have, so Ludia has to cater to everyone.
Whether a creature is “rubbish” or not is highly subjective.


Yup and the event since the beginning of the month are AWESOME
T-rex?its a global garbage spawn,everyone have it almost lvl 30 with his components
Blue?oh thank you so much,providing us IndoG2 which is actually VERY BAD,thanks to resilience.

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