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Plz help me with my team


God I‘m just so frustrated and angry and bored and annoyed. Lost many many battles again today; two because I played bad, three cuz I faced ridiculously strong players and eleven due to RNG.

Well, I‘m stuck between 4,2 and 4,3k trophies. I reached 4484 today and fell back to 4140 to get to 4260. Funny thing is, in the last week I unlocked four Uniques and lvled my team. And before this week K was jumping around 4,2k. And it‘s not getting better!!

It sucks getting beaten by weaker opponents cuz their frakking Indoraptors and Erlidoms dodge every time while mine are getting oneshotted.

Well, whatever. I hate RNG, I don‘t have luck in battles etc. But maybe I can change my team in a better way?
I was thinking of taking the rat back in but I‘m expecting a nerf and also don‘t wanna use coins on it.

Can u help me improving my team? What am I doing wrong?
I know I don‘t have nullifyers in my team, but I never had long lasting luck with Procera, Monostego or Sucho.


I’d try switching dioraja out for tryo maybe


Your compositions is just about perfect as far as I can tell. You just need more levels. Sorry this probably isn’t super helpful.
Edit: didn’t see that Monosteg. Use that instead of Dio


Jeez and just lost four other battles. Got beaten by 5% crits, failed stuns, failed crits, failed dodges/evasives…if it‘d happen sometimes I‘d be fine but I‘m having this crap every damn day!

So annoying, was so happy to unlock Uniques and lvl them to then see my joy turned into frustration.
I‘ve been beaten my low lvl players because their Iraptors or Indoms evade every time.

It really is true, in every battle I face an Indoraptor/Indom or Erlidom, it‘ll always evade to oneshot my dino. My Erlidom didn‘t dodge one single time today…

I just hate it to see that I wasted my time and coins cuz no matter how I improve my team, it‘s all for nothing if I‘m not lucky.

It‘s just lottery and coin flipping, and I‘m losing 99% of battles…so I really hope the problem might be within my team. :expressionless::expressionless:

I‘m just so desperate right now.


Well I’m not that high in the arena but I think that the factor of RNG in team could decide a lot. I’m for myself are no big fan of evasive moves or cloak as the 50/50% chance can highly fail and your dino is a one shot.
As an addition you could improve the levels of your dinos. I would try to level Tryo. His immunity with damage increase is a good point.
Just a thought :sweat_smile:


Yeah I also thought of doing so but just like Dioraja, Tryo is a situational dino cuz there are many faster dinosaurs that can one- or twoshot it before Tryo is even able to use its abilities. :thinking:


Level tryo to 30 and put him in.


The best to do and also the easiest would be to level up some of your best dinos. You are quiet high in rank for just a lvl 21 indoraptor. At 3900 I’m facing even lvl 23-25 iraptors.
As the coins are enough make sure to increase the lvl of your tyrants and alphas :+1:t2:


sit erl for stegodeus. mono in for dioraj. once erl is 26+ then id add it. ive always had to carry atleast 2 legendaries for some reason.


You don’t need three chompers on the team. From your current team composition, if you draw all of them, your team will be very slow. I’d say keep 2 of the three chompers (probably take out thor since it competes DNA with rinex) and take out dioraja. Put in trago, dracocera or procera if you can level them continuously.

One more note is keeping indo, Tryko, and erlidom on the team is very costly. If you find difficult keeping up the levels, consider taking one of them out. For the dracocera part, I don’t think they will take out SIA DSR, and leveling draco to lv 20 is useable in your trophy range and it does not waste DNA and coins as it’s still a candidate for a unique.

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Yeah, I keep bouncing from 4200 to 4400 and back. Sometimes revisit the Aviary, but it usually doesn’t last long. Lockwood is hell right now. We all got stronger after the “unique week”, so things aren’t any easier. Basically most of our performance is decided on how well we can counter those stupid RNG moves and have ways to turn the table on Dracoceras… But in a game like this we’ll always need to be lucky… especially lucky enough not to take crits from Thors and Trykos every freaking time…

If I were you, Monostego and Draco to 20. And take out Dio and another level 21 (depending on your preferences). Avoid using Erlido’s Cloak and Indoraptor’s ES at all costs… Easier said than done, I know, I have them too…

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Consider adding a bleeder in as well, with all the trykos running amok in ruins now. And it gives you speed as well, if it is spinota.
If it is sucho, it has to be 2-3 lvl higher than team average to be effective.
Had a recent battle where my Stegod lvl26 just barely wins a tryko lvl21, surviving by abt 200+ health.

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When you use Indor, don’t rely on Evasive, this wastes you one turn if luck isn’t on your side. I would use Evasive only when near to one-shot dead, even if dodge doesn’t work, she dies no matter you use evasive or not. Good nullifiers are useful, like Monostego , Tyrannolo, Sucho or even Tany, they can get rid of the RNG.

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Back to say one more thing: avoid battle on weekends! It’s best for our mental health… Things get even worse out there… I just lost 300 trophies in minutes! Not only against stronger opponents but also the same old RNG disaster. Everytime, and I mean EVERYTIME I faced an Indoraptor, he dodged at least two of my attacks, which included my stronger attack that could really weaken or kill him…

One battle I lost with the final dinos being my full health Erlido against a Thor. I used Cloak. Thor hit me through it, than swapped to a RAT THAT ALSO HIT THROUGH CLOAK WITH THE SIA… And that was in the middle of the long losing streak… imagine the rage :triumph:

Fortunately I’ve recovered 100 of these trophies already…


I am Losing so many because my indo and erldi don’t Dodge and opponent’s indo and erldi Dodge like hell. In one battle I had lvl 27 Thor, lvl 26 indo, lvl 20 dracoseratops, and lvl 20 stegodus and I lost . Enemy had lvl 24 indo, lvl 21 tryko, lvl 21 erdi and dracoseratops lvl 20. His erldi dodged twice, indo 5 times and I lost 0-3


Wow, I guess you don’t play very often then, huh…


I have stopped battling a lot on weekends because I felt like I always had big losing streaks on weekends too! I think last month I had a bad weekend where my record was 4-20. I thought I was the only one who thought this way.


My updated team, so far. Hopefully I can climb back to the Lockwood Manor arena with these babies.

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//all, thx for ur help! I‘ll try replacing Dioraja by Monostego, Spinotah or Tryo and see what works the best.
Also, now that u‘ve mentioned it I do have mainly problems and trouble during the weekend. Never thought of it…:thinking:
But very good point!


How are you not in Lockwood with this team? :sweat_smile:

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