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I want to heared you guys suggestion about this

For me it not worth to buy because 1000 green bucks can do anything more,Plus when I used this epic one I got only 2 epic and 2 rare and many common that are gen 2


I’ve using scents recently, and honestly, they are just not worth it at all.


I’ve only been using the common scents because they’re free and I collect enough supply drops to have at least 1 on me at any given time.


One puts out the scent. 2 common dinos appear. Let’s say it is stegosaurus which everybody wants. By the time you finish darting them you have less than 1 minute left. That’s like walking 15 to 20 steps away from where you were. Does Ludia seriously think that the scent will work now? Please extend the duration of these scents. Hardly worth using them now


Think of it this way. You darted 2 epics and 2 Rares and got about 300 - 350 DNA of each type. If you buy an Eic Incubator you get about the same Epic DNA, although more Rare, but it costs over 4,000 cash.

More value to the scents. If not good enough, then don’t use them. Personally, I save cash to use on coins.


I just use the common ones that I get for free and I get rare dinos half the time. My gf got an epic dino from a common scent capsule too. My last common scent brought 2 rares and 1 common. I wouldn’t waste cash on them though. I’ve never used an epic one but I think they said you’re only guaranteed ONE epic, but there’s a chance at more obviously.

  1. @Joe_Ng. No need to walk. Just stay still, the dino will appear at minute 5, minute 3 & minute 1 on your clock. walking wont make any diffent. i usually use on bed at home

  2. epic scent usually the best when u at level 20 player. becos u can dart up to 150-250 dna/ epic dino. thats “better” than 4000 cash for epic incub at shop for 300+ epic dna. …yet still the “bestest”, hunt in wild for free & dont use scent😂


I ahve spent over £18 on them and I think they are worth it.


I’m pretty sure if you are moving they work OK had a friend drive me about with common one got like 6 commons popping out(checked driving around the block before) not enough time to dart everything so picked and chose those I wanted. Tried the rare and epic without testing moving and the rare rocked pretty good stationary solid spawn per min for 20 Dino’s 2 common 18 rare. The epic however kinda sucked bad same spawn per min of rare for 20 dinos 2 epics (secodontosaurus who has now begun trolling incubators as well since update ugh!! ) 6 commons and 12 rare!?! . Haven’t tested the rare or epic moving might be definitive factor if not IMHO spend the cash on coins instead


Walking makes a huge difference… once you hit a certain speed you will get double spawns instead of just one spawn…

Also capsules pull from whatever zone your in so if say you need kentro dna you go to a zone 1 you have a higher chance of getting the dna you actually want for 1k rather then dropping 3-4k cash on random dna.


I use the scents and stopped buying incubators. I just used an epic scent that gave me four epics: Rajasaurus, Koolasuchus, Ankylosaurus, and T Rex. I typically dart about 150 DNA per epic. Epic incubators at my level cost about 4000 cash and give 304 DNA. So even if I only get one epic dino from a scent, I got half the DNA of an incubator for 1/4 the cost. But I’ve only had about one out of six epic scents only give me one epic. Plus rares are thrown in and many good Commons. I think they’re well worth it. Even the common scents have given me epic dinos, usually at least a rare.