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Podría estar este híbrido en el juego? / Could this hybrid be in the game?

Es una simple idea de un híbrido, ni es para que lo metan ni mucho menos (A menos que les agrade), pero sería un híbrido entre el deinonychus y el tupuxuar= Deinoxuara
Rareza: Legendario
Clase: carnívoro
Al nivel 40:
Ataque: 2710
Vida: 12320
Monedas: 995,342/6H

Le baje la cantidad de monedas al que tenía en el dibujo ya que me parecía exagerada la cantidad


Translated From Spanish

It is a simple idea of a hybrid, nor is it for them to put it much less (Unless they like it), but it would be a hybrid between the deinonychus and the tupuxuar = Deinoxuara
Rarity: Legendary
Class: carnivore
At level 40:
Attack: 2710
Health: 12320
Coins: 995,342 / 6H

I lowered the number of coins to the one I had in the drawing since the amount seemed exaggerated

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thats a lot of coins per hour gotta be honest but nice idea

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Yes, I’ll keep it in mind next time :grin:


that’s why I lower the amount and if it is very exaggerated

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