Pogo vs jwa


I expected some bugs would occur at the the launch of jwa. It seems they were more concern to have out in time for the movie release.

The connectivity is poor to fair at best. I spend half my time restarting, pogo not a problem.

Love the battle arena. but there times I’m being told no opponent; only to go back in and seeing a battle in process.

Ludia gives the appearance that it’s only built this is to make money. It’s a big sales pitch, buy vip, buy incubators, etc.

To play the free game, your at a major disadvantage than someone who pays.


Right! Only money, money, money, money! Dont get me wrong.....I dont have any problems when a company wants to make money with their game! They need money to pay their employees, the servers etc. And they invested money to make the game.
But - it is a question of HOW they make money! And this game is Pay-to-Win at its finest!!

If you want to play a Jurassic World game - get Evolution! It is far better and the devs care for their players! And…the deluxe edition costs as much as ONE incubator in Alive…
Oh…and…the Indoraptor is free there! I doesn`t cost you anything! Just time to meet the ingame requirements.


You must lose a lot? This game is all about spending and it will never be like Pokémon go because pogo is on another level it cares more about the happiness of the players and connecting everyone.

Dont get me wrong I pay to play but will never buy incubators it’s ridiculously over priced and people buy them that’s why the price won’t change until they have less sales.

I bounce back and fourth from games but trust me this will never be on Pokémon go level!!!



All I have to say on this issue is: Who needs a useless little lightning rat, when you could have a pack of raptors instead?


I played Pokemon Go from launch till launch of JW. Still admin in my cummunity server holding 2.5k people. Was heavily into the game and spent a lot of time and money. Two lvl 40 accounts breaching a total of 100 mil between both. But Pokémon go a giant dead end at lvl 40, there’s nothing to progress to or exclude to the folk who have hit that lvl. Pvp is just lacking and boring, a procedure of taps and swipes with the smallest meta window in Pokémon history. We’re talking about hundreds upon hundreds. Three generations right now, but a small meta window of 25 Pokémon that just make the others useless in your hard earned collecting invest for dust. I like beating actual people in battle, not a bot that run with two to three scripted tactics it spams. Game turned into a giant casual collecting game with zero substance to use them besides sitting them in gyms or vsing a bot. Not counting the poor in game security like scanners and spoofers ripping the trade system apart. Took them two years to fix scanners, still at bey from spoofing. I know JP has spoofing but this is also newly released world wide. Give these guys some time on it. I don’t vs to many bots my self I usually leave Q at 10 seconds and restart. Joining games has never been a issue. Though there is a couple bugs in the pvp which I notice confuse people that there getting cheated out of victory.


Why shouldn’t people who spend real money have an advantage? They are paying for an advantage. :tipping_hand_man:


We also pay for PoGo. But, clearly it is for our convenience. We buy items bag upgrade so that we can carry more balls, etc. Pokemon bag upgrade so that we could carry more Pokemon of our choice. Incubators for hatching eggs, etc.

However, in PoGo, there is no cost for you to level up your mons. At least not in monetary terms. The cost is just stardust and candies which can be gained through cathing other Pokemons and the same mon. So very easy. Costless in real money terms.

JWA you need the mon’s DNA which is a pain in the ass. And to level up your mons you need coins. At lower levels this is not something that of a concern. But when your mon reaches L15 and above the costs are just insane. To power up a VRaptor from L20 to L21 you need 50k coins for just one level up! How many days do you need to collect that much coins?

Besides, PoGo gives us the opportunity to own all Legendary mons - painless and costless. JWA…? You have to pay through your nose.

I am a L40 player in PoGo. Played the game everyday. Reach L40 in a year’s time. My attack and defence team are all fully powered up. I have all the Legendaries. Most recent I was introduced to JWA. Took up the game and now is at L10. But I believe that I will be here at L10 for much longer than I have initially thought - since the only way for you to level up is by levelling up your mons which in turn is costly.

I still don’t have any Legendaries. No Uniques. Obviously if you want one, then, you will have to pay tons of money since it is the only way for you to obtain one - there are just few DNAs per incubator. So, you need to buy loads of them.

The amount of darts are also limited to 140. And seriously I don’t understand why 140. Unlike PoGo, I have more than a thousand balls of different colours which are used to capture the mons.

The only good thing that I could say about JWA is the number of supply boxes available. While it is easier for you to replenish your darts, it does not really matter when the amount of darts you can carry is limited to firing 10 mons only.

I will continue playing JWA ocassionally when I have the pleasure of someone driving the car for me and when there’s an event going on. It is very difficult to be competitive in JWA without spending tons of money which defeats the objective of making the game fun for everyone.


This is literally the dorkiest thing I’ve ever read and I feel like a complete nerd for playing JWA. Cheers sir.


jurassic world evolution isnt available on iphone though