Point in having a better team?


Happy hunting dinos sunday peeps. I wonder, since the dinos in the last two arenas incubators are quite useless, what’s the point in levelling your team up? Might as well stay in the 5th arena and spend those (annoyingly rare) coins on actually creating new dinos. Thoughts?


If you’re not interested in the Arena 6 & 7 dinosaurs then you might as well stay in Arena 5.

There is no benefit to the higher Arenas apart from the dinosaurs they unlock.


Personally I just want to unlock the dinos in Arena 7 and then drop all the way back down to Arena 1, so I can gather dna of those lower dinos to get things leveled up to get my account to level 10 and above.


You get more DNA from higher Arena Incubators, so I don’t want to miss being there.


You get more DNA from higher arenas with the same type of incubators


Yes but more dna of useless dinos? Do we know how much more dna actually?