Point of the monthly subs?


I missed when I subscribed but what it the actual point of me paying monthly for this ? Should of looked into it yes but I don’t see me gaining anything extra just losing a tenner each month … incubator prices are just stupid and wouldn’t dream of spending £40+ on one… triple A games go for that price, why would anyone … any please sort out the connection problems … thanks


One-time only Epic incubator
Extended Drone range 33%
Extended Drone battery 33% (more time per hunt)
3rd reward on every supply drop
Double the daily coin limit
Access to premium incubator in shop

For me I pay VIP for the 33% extra drone battery, 3rd reward on supply drops and double daily coin limit - I think that’s all really helpful. I wish we got an epic incubator every month though as well.


Different perspective:


Drone range in meaningless.
Extra battery is pointless when they build in an imaginary escape claus that negates the money you’re spending for extra time you don’t get.
Extra items at supply drops is pointless because you get capped anyway.