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Point of VIP


So I paid for VIP for the last couple months and it just finished. I don’t really see the point of it. The only sort of useful thing that you get us the larger area to get Dinos. How many people think it’s worth it? I think I’m getting just as much without it then with it.


I agree. Really isn’t worth forking over $10 a month. No real incentive for staying VIP. A few seconds extra on a dino isn’t that make or break for me.


I cancelled vip and don’t regret it. If they ever double coin limit or give an epic incubator when you renew monthly, I’ll consider subscribing again.


Yes, size increases and timer increases. But also, the supply drops are double. You almost never run low on darts and you get your daily limit in 1/2 the time.

If you don’t think the darts run out very often when not a VIP, you are probably right. But that’s because you are only darting 8-9 times per creature rather than 12-13 times. And reaching less creatures. Overall, your DNA totals will be about 1/2 over time. Which is fine, just realize that up front when you are frustrated at needing another 800 DNA to Create a Dino when you would be leveling up already if you had VIP.


I have been still getting close to the same DNA. I was getting about 200-220 on common Dinos with VIP and now I get 180-200 without VIP. So that’s not that big of a difference. I have been seeing maybe about 20ish DNA difference which isn’t that huge of a difference. I think the bigger thing that lowered my DNA collection was them slowing down the drone. I got use to the faster drone and was easier to move back and forth on the far apart zones. As for the darts ruining out the only time I run out of darts is when I’m just sitting at home playing. The are so many drops around that getting darts is pretty easy.


My biggest reason for staying vip has nothing to do with darting… its the defeat 10 creatures incubators… vips get 1k more per day with this upgrade which becomes an extra 30k coins per month. Added that to the other benefits is why i stay subscribed… its doesnt hurt that there is a private road that has turned into a good sino spot that i couldnt dart without the extended range


Vip IMO is worth it. I get 30-50% more dna. Since i am better at direct hits it makes all the difference esp in epics and rares. Commons i could get up 200-250 on a good run and 150-200 on a bad one. Now i aleays get 250-350 which makes a diff plus i dnt always have time to spin supply drops so when i do i can easilu max out.

Epics i can get up to 200 which would never happen on normal at level 17


It’s not really worth it. You only get 33% more time to dart, so that’s only a 33% increase in DNA max. But the reality is that the time is added to the end of the darting session when the dinosaur is moving faster, so it’s harder to get direct hits. This results in less than a 33% increase in DNA. I saw a drop of about 15-20% in my DNA after cancelling VIP. To make VIP worthwhile I think they should give you access to some sort of “paralysis dart” or similar mechanic, freezing the dino in place for a few seconds. Then you’d see a worthwhile increase in DNA collection. The increased range of VIP was nice, and hitting the coin/cash caps faster was okay, but not worth the price.


VIP is worth it. The benefits could be better that is true but what you get does make a difference plus it’s less than the cost of incubators and it helps support the game.


Something is wrong with your analysis. The extra 6 seconds is an extra 3 darts. To only get about 20 DNA in those 6 seconds should only be accurate if you are averaging about 60 DNA in the regular 18 seconds. Make it 70-75 considering the first dart is usually a direct hit.


I’ve had it and unsubscribed, then resubscribed.

Not worth it for me, cancelling again.

I’ve realized a roughly 15-20% DNA increase on a 33% time and area increase.

Dino stops are easy to find and hit, I have to hit more…NBD.

VIP should have real benefits, they are guaranteed your cash every month.

Lots of us have cancelled because it isn’t worth it. Search the threads…

If they threw us an incubator every once in awhile instead of just once, it would add value.

Allowing us to spend a ridiculous amount (8k+) of coins on a “special” (not so special) incubator isn’t an added value, or really an exclusive store goodie, in my opinion.


In my experience with and without it several times, the dinos still spawn “just” out of reach, so if you’re considering it for couch darting, good luck with that…lol.


Worth it in IMO. I agree with @Kwaack, it’s usually an extra 30-40% DNA each time I dart (assuming I can get close enough for a full clock) which means I need to find less dinos in general. Then consider the event dinos cap your attempts, and VIP then really helps out.

Take today’s example: Stego I would shoot maybe 300 w/out VIP, with I can usually do 400ish so in 24-7 attempts I’m getting 9600 DNA versus the 7200 I would have without. Yes, this is an extreme example to prove my point, but to me that makes VIP worth it right there. That’s 8 extra Stegos I’d have to find and dart just to make up the difference.



40% more DNA using 33% time bonus.

Cool math, bro.

YMMV (your magic may vary) Disclaimer: Results shown are not typical.

Video of you regularly darting 400 Stego DNA?

I’d like to see it, it’s easy to video.


Le sigh… Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t bog down my post with disclaimers like I’m level 20 and that I was using round numbers just to make the math easier to do in my head, but that’s not really the point.

Take whatever dart total you’re used to getting and add another 33% and that’s your expected gain. Disclaimer here but usually those last 4-5 seconds most dinos end up running in a straight line, so in my experience I get more than a 33% increase in DNA on average. That being said, I agree it is also not the case when you’re darting epics and other key dinos.

Based on your level, you’ll have to do the math to figure out how many dinos that saves you from darting but I guarantee it’s less than w/out VIP. Not a huge deal when you’re level 10 but @20 and you only get 1-9 cracks at a Sino/Anky/Para/Toura/etc, I’d say it’s worth it.

I totally agree w/you tho that the dinos “magically” migrate to just beyond the boundary, so couch darting isn’t a thing and I think the one time incubator deal was/is crap as well. For me, it’s just the efficiency of maxing out my time while darting so that I can get on with my life instead of having to go out and waste more time finding add’l dinos. That was all I was trying to say, and much more concisely than I could have by going into all the disclaimers. Most people usually just want the TL;DR so that’s what I went with. Do I wish we got more perks w/VIP? Of course, who wouldn’t??

But not wanting to disappoint, and as a challenge to myself, I grabbed a Stego at lunch (darted nothing else beforehand). I chocked twice towards the end and didn’t get the last dart off so forgive me for not quite getting there:


If you question the value of VIP you’re clearly not a rural player. For me it’s essential, have had it since May and will keep it until the day I stop playing.

I’ve explained why in detail in several previous posts but here are a few points:

  • Allows me to reach two additional spawn points at home. It seems to be the reason for a personal supply drop that suddenly appeared in the front yard with update 1.3

  • Extra coins, cash and large scent capsules from sd’s

  • The additional darting time results in more precious DNA which really adds up

Tl/dr: VIP is 100% worth it for the dedicated player (and a must for rural players)



I have bought it a few month ago and I think its worth, you almost never run short of darts and the extra distance allows me to get a few more dinos. I would some updates to it though, like increasing the interaction circle a little.


:rofl: nice to see someone being challenged and coming up with the goods; I’m VIP L20 too and while not the worlds best darter have got ~350/360 on Stego - its definitely one of the easier ones to dart. Velo too.


I have VIP and have been happy with it. I am not very proficient at darting so any extra time is appreciated. I can refill on darts twice as fast as before I had it. That means less time walking to hit SD and more time spent darting. For me, it makes my game experience better and my playing time more productive.

$10 USD/month is nothing. Think of stopping for a cup of coffee or hitting a fast food place… Once. I think many folks who complain about the cost do not realize just how much cash they throw away on other things they get less enjoyment out of and could do without.


I think really the only thing you get out of it is Simi-instant gratification. People have to have everything now and VIP helps out getting things faster. There really is no need to get things fast in this game. For the people that say you support the company. You support the company by playing the game. They make money from all the data that you are giving them by playing the game. They sell data to third parties according to the ToS.