Point Requirements in Championships

So now that the first weekend of championships are basically over, there’s some things we need to discuss. Someone already made a post about exploiting join bonuses so I won’t go more into that.

The issue I want to cover is how looking at it now, it’s impossible for any alliance to achieve rank 10, or even rank 8. After the first day, my alliance had 75k legit points. It was looking pretty good, we thought, if we got 100k points a day from that point on, we could make rank 10.

Little did we know, our points barely even went up after that, and now at the end, we are sitting at a bit over 100k. This clearly shows the majority of the points are coming from entry bonuses, and at this rate, with 100k points a weekend, that’s only 500k at the end of the month (taking into account the x2 nasuto tournament), which is less than half the amount needed for rank 10.

I suggest that either the total amount needed for each rank be reduced by a decent amount, or you make it easier to obtain points from here on out. Because at this rate, even the top alliance won’t make it even if they exploit.

Tl;dr, it’s too hard to get points, nobody is going to reach rank 10 unless something is done.


While I agree with most things being said may I suggest that the holiday weekend of the first tournament of the first championship is not the time to be over analysing things - I am sure things will be looked at and adjusted but we are talking weeks, months or even longer. Its unlikely to happen overnight.

This comment is not aimed specifically at the OP - just this was the shortest thread to scroll down and make the point …