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Pointless funny additions

really just killing time with this discussion but just for laughs, what would you add to the game that would have no use whatsoever? something like swap in cleanse or whatever.

Its might be funny at the start, then it becomes annoying, any time wasted could’ve been used somewhere else

In that vein, I say an auto emoji system. You get to set a particular emoji to play automatically whenever that dino either starts the fight or swaps in. You know, your rex snort emoji when your thor comes out, etc.

Or else auto death emotes/messages. Probably choose from presets rather than let people write whatever they want, but it would be fun to see some messages on ko’s, or just at the end of the battle:

Tis but a flesh wound!
Save Martha!
one of the qq emojis.
To sleep, perchance to dream. raptor shakespear emoji
I will return! raptor jesus emoji
When you gotta go, you gotta go. malcom emoji
Clever girl…
I saw you use the atari code. Hax!

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I could see walk out music with the emoji.

How about Swap In Oil Strike…

This ability causes your opponent’s game screen to blur out, or say, go oily completely for the next two turns :oil_drum::eyes:


Cleansing move on a creature that immune (FYI that WAS a thing :joy:)

The worst thing about this thread is that it might be one of the few Ludia reads.


Swap in ferocity (for the enemy)

Swap in Mutual Fury on a creature with low HP?

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Or… Swap in mutual heal