Pointless towers? Why


I get that there are beginners, but seriously not even worth the time.


I enjoyed it, and so did my 5 year old. I’m enjoying all these varying levels of difficulty Strike Event Towers.

We were all once noobs in the game, lest we forget. And if you are currently avoiding the Arena during this tournament (as I am), these are nice little spots to get an incubator or two.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.


Why complain when you’re getting free stuff and it’s easy to get just have a little fun battle without losing trophys and get free coin and dna what’s not to like


It also lets me try out dino’s that would otherwise not survive in the arena without me having to go through friendly battles, like these guys:


Never look a gift horse in the mouth?

You know a gift that is worthless gets thrown into the bin.

For example. You come home and your wife has gotten you some marmite even though she knows you dont like marmite. Then the next day she has gotten you a pair of cheap socks even though you have 100s of pair of decent socks. Whats the point? Your never gonna use that gift.

A gift is truly thought out when it actually benefits the reciever otherwise it misses its point.

Its like you work very hard for a 24 hour incubator and all you get is gen 2 dinos you will never use and a epics that you wont use or make a hybrid. It is dissapointing.

If you got a gift thay you really didnt need but could still enjoy then its nice but if someone gives you a rotten banana then its of no use lol


Just because you don’t want it… doesn’t mean someone else doesnt want it.


Exactly Carl. At this point, I’ll take all the chances I can get at coins. I hope they keep up the same pace with putting out stike events as they are now. I’ll take them all!!!


If it’s not worth your time then just walk on by and ignore it. But i’ll tell you what isn’t worth your time… creating this thread!


At least it give you some coin, and DNA reward might contain Dilophosaurus, the ingredient of Diloranosaurus.

Even though I could collect average 200+ DNA from every Dilopho I could see, still I’ll go for this event.


Only reason i do the “pointless” ones is for the coins


You ok? Did I hurt your feelings lol


Yes, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

The banana isn’t rotten, you just don’t want bananas. The Marmite isn’t bad, you just don’t like marmite. The socks don’t have holes in them, you just have a lot of socks. The only one making the gifts something undesirable is you.
Lots of people don’t have any food, so some marmite or a banana would be appreciated by them.
Many people don’t have socks, so some socks would be appreciated, especially in winter.

This is less like your wife getting you Marmite and Socks, and more like someone offering free Marmite and Socks to people on a street corner and you walking up to them and yelling at them for offering you free Marmite and Socks when you don’t like Marmite and have enough socks. Just plain self-centered. If you don’t need it, then it isn’t for you… move on.


Is someone giving away free socks and marmite cos I’ll take them :grinning:


How about free pizza :pizza: with :pineapple: on it?


No why would you even think you hurt my feelings? You trying your hardest to troll? Ah bless your cotton socks.


I cant deny that is a very good attitude to have!

I just know if I was to give a gift to someone it would be something they wanted or needed but ludias desire is to make money so they have an ulterior motive.

As for the wife she just trying to help lol


No, I just love how you started crying. I’ve yet to hear a good reason why it’s worth 10-15mins doing it. :man_shrugging:t2:


What is marmite???


So…why did that crying you said get so many :heart:
And you didn’t get any one?
Interesting. :thinking:


What is gamora??? …