Points for toothless

Never got my trust points for toothless :disappointed:why?

You have to contact support, it’s an error in the new update
[Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | June 19, 2019

Hello @Marcus

When can we expect a reply from your support staff? I did send an email at the specified email address, but I never heard anything back from you guys. It seems like I am not the only one.

Sorry , i don’t. See thanks.

На нд, 30.06.2019 г., 18:10 AIlen via Ludia Forums ludia@discoursemail.com написа:

well, please explain how to get my points. I tried everything from playing the game.

На пн, 1.07.2019 г., 19:30 Габриела Денева gabrieladeneva91@gmail.com написа:

Did you contact support already? If so, I think that all you can do is wait for them to reply, and it’s prob going to take a while since there’s lot of people going through the same as you

I too have a bug which will not allow me to train up Toothless.
I reached the 1000 points.
But in the Roster it reads him only at 30.
I have contacted support through your email
Is there anything else I could attempt while waiting?

Maybe you already got this, but nevertheless: the Toothless that‘s still showing the trustpoint-bar is your next one, the one you recently got should be in your roaster - so check in your roaster if you‘ve got a Toothless (NOT the one showing the trustpoint-bar, should be a normal dragon card).