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Points to be made about trophies and arenas


To whom it may consern,

Hi I’m faethor I’ve played your game a while now. Thank-you for it and thank you for reading this.

I, as well as, several members of the game community have noticed several things concerning the arenas and our own cost bennifets analysis.

One thing we have noticed is that the pay off is not worth it to us to strive for higher arenas concerning the rewards we receive.

Another thing we have noticed is that striving for higher arena ranking is not worth it due to a decrease in viable dinosaurs that can be used.

Another noticed topic of contention is those who were able to achieve higher ranks have begun to drop in leagues either because they cannot sustain, or because the rewards weren’t worth it to them.

It appears that to us atleast that in your efforts to combat the “droppers” you have vastly increased the DNA pool with with we are rewarded including DNA from arenas we have been in both, high and low. This is very frustrating for us as players due to the fact that we are getting such a vast diversity of DNA that our incubators feel watered down. By this I mean we receive often a random sampling of low double digit dinosaur DNA. And while yes getting the final 10 DNA on a Dino you needed only 10 more DNA off of is thrilling… Most of the time we need high double or trebble digits to see any appreciable progress I.E. 10 DNA for a 200 DNA fuse is very unsatisfying. And it would be OK if it was 10 DNA from the arena exclusive epic or at least the same dinosaur. … However it is not it is 10 DNA from this one then that one then another.

This watered down incubator feeling due to increase gene pool is akin to getting a 50 cent an hour raise from you boss “it’s only 20 dollars a week before taxes and after taxes it barely noticable”
Leaving us to feel that no progress has been made on not just one dinosaur but many.

If this was done to discourage those who drop arenas it hasn’t worked. As they upon realising the DNA is scattered and “watered down” has sought to drop arenas to maximize thier wins by using much more advanced dinosaur levels to ensure victory and thus more incubators.

The other players “us” have learned that by advancing to the next arena we do not get exclusives but actually lose the value of our incubators by adding more DNA choices to the finite limit set on the incubator. And thus have stopped attempting to climb higher.

This situation is not beneficial to you your game or us and outgoing experience. As it will lead to you needing to create more and more powerful Dino’s in order to maintain a profitable meta for you and an interesting one for the top tired players.

By the way the current state of affairs is suffering at the top as they are constantly only battling the same people with the same Dino’s.

But this cycle beginning of make new Dino’s people having to pay alot to bring them up to competitive level and causing older Dino’s to lose thier effectiveness… As I understand is known as power creep. And, leads us to feel that we are chasing a moving target in that by the time we can get the new Dino’s that are a must have the are replaced with even newer stronger ones that are harder to get… In the end the Dino’s reach a point were even the newest and strongest ones are relieved lacklusterly at best and scornfully since there is an upper limit to how strong something can be.

I. Would like to offer you a suggestion and thank you for reading this far.

One aspect of this solution would be to set a maximum level on the dinosaurs allowed in a given arena "similar to weight classes in boxing "
Using a formula of maximum dinosaur level at the top most arena and, a stable low for the lowest the just fractional increases for the middle.
Coupled with the same Max min for the incubator pay outs with a reduced DNA pool of current arena and last one lowest arena dinosaurs. In short make the higher arena pay out higher DNA for that arenas relevant dinosaurs. And the lowest pay the lowest. Providing a correct DNA amour to the dinosaur and level… I. E. A level 15 common dinosaur uses more DNA than a level 15 epic… Just as a player in aviary need much much more DNA than a player in lock down regardless of actual player level.

I believe this would incentivize the player base to struggle upward. It would create demand for advancement among otherwise unincentivized discouraged current players. Also but putting a level cap on the dinosaurs you would prevent the younger players from feeling discouraged by facing Dino’s well above thier capability. Which would lead to more success and happy feeling and in turn cause them to become more competitive feeling which would lead to them spending more in and on your game. It would also allow the top tier players to have more variety in thier opponents and keep them playing and spending.

Well that’s my 2bits… I hope it helps.

Again thank you for reading this and thank you for your game that so many of us play.

Faethor ferenczy


A long time ago I suggested the following for this very reason…

The Arenas.
The Arena system is quite flawed. It picks players to face one another by comparing their trophy count. Doesn’t matter if player A is 5th level and player B is 20th, or that player A may have spent a shed load of hard cash to get super dinosaurs real quick. This makes the various battles massively unfair and when the tournament seasons are running it becomes even worse.

The possible resolutions to this have been discussed over on their forums but I think Ludia needs to make each Arena dinosaur level specific. What I mean by this is that each Arena can only be played if you have a team of dinosaurs that match the appropriate level bracket. There are currently ten Arenas so for arguments sake we make each Arena into a 3 level bracket.

Fallen Kingdom (1-3).
Mount Sibo (4-6).
SS Arcadia (7-9).
Nublar Jungle (10-12).
Badlands (13-15).
Lockdown (16-18).
Sorna Marshes (19-21).
Jurassic Ruins (22-24).
Lockwood Estate (25-27)
Aviary (28-30).

With this implemented you cannot play up but you could play down but only if you can build a team of lower level dinosaurs. That way you can make the Arena specific incubators be more relevant. Players who want to be super competitive can still play that way as they progress through them, but they will be facing suitable challengers.

Now some posters on the Ludia forums argued that my suggestion is flawed because it doesn’t take into account how much better an Epic or Legendary dinosaur is over the Common and Rare ones. However, considering that when you create an Epic or Legendary they come in at a set level then it doesn’t really make much difference as they will be facing appropriate threats.

Ludia could also keep the trophy count for the scoreboard and to determine tournament ranking as it wouldn’t impact anything or matter what dinosaurs you had.

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Your suggestion was one of them that prompted this. The hope was it would be phrased at the right time for them. And us.

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We can only hope. Without blowing my own trumpet, I think it’s the best way to run the Arenas. The upside is that we would have the chance to use all the dinosaurs in our collections with no downside. Fun wins all round.


I disagree with level-blocking the arenas just as much as I disagree with trophy-blocking them. In the end it leads to the same issue, having only (potentially) “fixed” the mis-match of overleveled opponents.

Instead, what you’d be looking for to address all your points is a selectable-arena style of combat with scaling rewards. Here’s how it works:

Each of the arenas has a greatly-increased chance of rewarding arena-specific DNA. Prior to battling, a player can select which arena they wish to battle; however, just like with Friendly Battles, the arena is specific only to the player that selected it (i.e., if I’m in Badlands and you’re in Aviary and we’re matched, we’ll each see our own arena only). This way a win awards the appropriate selected DNA in the incubators.

To address your very valid point of rewards, the Incubators will have exponentially-increasing rewards based on your trophy count, which still increases and loses based on the trophy count of the player you beat or lose to. Therefore, you and I can both battle with our lvl 10 dinosaurs, but if I win against you and I’m only 1K rated and you’re 4K rated, I would get substantially more trophies and you would lose more. If you win, you’d gain very little and I’d lose very little, as the assumption that my low-trophy-count now more realistically coincides with my level of skill (which right now it certainly does not).

Lastly, the matchmaking system would no longer require matching people of equal trophies, but rather near-equal level averages making the actual match far more reasonably fair. This brings the matches more in-line with a test of skill rather than a test of luck or a total curb-stomp.

To sum:

  • Everyone can choose their arena rewards.
  • Everyone gets more rewards based on their higher trophy count.
  • People are matched against teams of approximate level, avoiding disproportionate and demoralizing battles
  • Even new people can then have a chance to compete in tournaments for a chance at special rewards this way
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That’s what I’m saying make arenas based off of dinosaur level for the max not the min. If your good with lower leveled Dino’s you in but by keeping a stated Dino level range no one is facing a level 20 anything with level 12 Dino’s unless they chose it’s just a top cap

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The problem with all of these suggestions is player skill. Example- I have dinos level 23-25 on my team at around 5k trophies, most of my opponents dinos are 27-30 yet I win enough to maintain or even occasionally advance. That means these opponents have high level dinos but not the matching skill level. Arena droppers must lose, a LOT, to drop to where you are and at that point they have to win and lose roughly equally to stay at that lower level. When they decide to return to their former tropby count they will beat people with lower level dinos but they will be out of your range cery quickly. If you make requirements people will be level past their skill level and never win again, its a dangerous way to structure a game.


The point was to address incubator pay off and to put a Max Dino level cap on arenas.

It’s horrible to face a level 20 stegosaurus or indominus or raptor or irritator gen 2 in the badlands.

It isn’t to affect trophy requirements in any way or to restrict advancement it meant to give a guideline to where you are what levels you will face and keep new players from getting discouraged.

Do you know how hard it is to defeat a level 20 stegosaurus when you’ve just barely made it into the badlands?

How discouraging it is when some one drops a level 20 irritator gen to kills one Dino laughs and pops critical then one shots your next two Dino’s?

All this while you are in the bad lands and still are learning the game.


This is what’s happening already. I have to try to time my gameplay for the right time of day because I simply don’t get the DNA to compete with the higher-levels that appear at primetime. I’m not stellar, but I’m not terrible, so sometimes I beat a few of them but that only exacerbates the problem.

What’s being suggested is that players like me should ALWAYS have a reasonable chance at victory and the incubator reward, regardless of the time of day and regardless of the team I’m using. THAT is a test of skill.

^And this tells me you should be happy for this change, because you would be rewarded for your strong use of tactics and intuition against even-leveled opponents, garnering you more trophies and therefore more rewards befitting your skill.


I simply dont believe there is a “fair to everyone” fix. Player skill plays too much of a role in where you belong in the arena, sometimes you belong higher than your dinosaurs levels and sometimes you belong lower and ultimately it is winning and losing that determines where you fall. Believe me I understand the frustration, when I see a level 29 or 30 Stegod I don’t think to myself yay but I do try to find a way to overcome it. I know it’s not easy and I’m not trying to be down on the people who’re struggling through it, I just don’t think that restricting People based on levels makes a good honest fair fix

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Let me explain… I don’t shy from challenge. Either in real life or the game. This isn’t me crying they are over powered or I can’t beat them. Yes I found a way to cope with the 8 to 10 levels higher than me dinosaurs. I’m in lock down now because to go higher would reduce further my rewards. Im sitting comfortably at just under 3k trophies when because to engage a new arena would mess with my incubators.

This was the problem I was seeking to redress and hearing my wife say with three legendary dinosaurs and strong epics "I don’t want to leave the badlands because I’m not strong enough. It spurred me to write this and rehash what other people before me said.

In real life and in the game I will always aim to fight the biggest and basest with out hesitation or reserve. But… It’s a game and lots of people are getting discouraged. There is a few articles on meta hub about this and lots of posts about people feeling horrible. And yes feeling horrible will produce prodigious spenders it also make more people feel horrible and will in the long run ruin the game


I’m sorry I am not more eloquent in my speech so as to make it clear what I’m trying to say and convey here.