Poisonous pink gas

i love the new dino killing cactus that does D.O.T in every battle with its pink fumes ! LoL image


My head is just like:
Either the waters been contaminated or JW is trying to kill their dinos by poison
Screenshot_20201201-151210_JW Alive

The lava explosion from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom must have changed color I guess.

Its chemical plant zone definitely.


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i have the pink lava in aviary too, by the way is the new common a night creature cuz it doesnt show it on the dinodex but i caught one,

The poison has spread to my aviary too :worried:

But why are you using level 10s?

The aviary dinos better not drink that poisonous gas :eyes:

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I honestly feel bad for the sarcorixis’s that have been leveled up enough to stay in aviary :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I have a level 30 rixis and I will say it would not like that pink stuff :joy:

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I don’t think a pink river shouldn’t exist naturally. @Ned @John


Especially when there’s a smiley face staring at me

If the dinos are drinking from that river, I think we know where Parasaurolophus Lux got it’s glow from


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Cool but why did this get merged? I’m confused