Pokemon GO Got Away with No Comminucation.... You Can't


Ludia -

The only reason Pokemon GO got away with not communicating to their player base is the lack of a public forum to do so. You made a forum on your own site and we almost NEVER hear from the team, unless it’s a MAJOR game update… or a thread lock or merge.

I am OK with no communication due to lack of content or updates. However, we get weekly (sometimes twice a week) 100mb+ updates with no communication to what changed. Since my not-so-unlimited data is being used up without warning, I would at least like to know what changed.

Your forum is littered with complaints, angry players, feedback (both bad and good), and bug reports. Get a community team together to address the concerns or get rid of the forum. I would rather see no forum, than to see angry/irritated players gather and fester. It’s not good for the image of the game or it’s developers.

Hell, just a simple automated/copy-paste reply is better than nothing.


The lack of communication is the most frustrating thing, I have been an avid mobile gamer and i have yet to see a customer support that takes this much time to answer the smallest and most simple inquiry. Seriously, a message i sent them last monday only got answered after a week, and then they asked me more questions which i answered right after, and yet i am still waiting. People are getting sick of the usual “thanks for the message, please contact support…”. When you create a game expecting a large playerbase then make the necessary adjustments to get as much support people as possible…


I am hoping the lack of communication is a symptom of working hard on the cheating issue.

I know that doesn’t stop them announcing huge updates. But I can image 40,000 cheats producing an incredible volume of work load.


Giving the cheaters a chance was not the best move. The result is the same. They start over. So why bog the process down with a 2 week window and tons of email with them trying to prove their innocence. Ban now and then ask questions later.


Thank you! I had this same criticism a day or 2 ago but never got an answer.


You do have some people. Namely one or two that respond on Ludias behalf. But haven’t seen them post in a while and generally they just advise you to email support.


Hello DarthOnaga,

Thank you for raising some of your concerns towards our frequency of communications and Forum presence. We agree that it can be much better and we’re working on getting it to a level which the Community would appreciate. With your feedback and suggestions, we hope to make these changes in the coming months.

We appreciate your honesty!


Hi Marcus,

I appreciate the reply. I smiled when I saw the notification come through my inbox.

I do not want to come off as a typical “flamer,” by any means. I love this game. However I am doing anything I can to avoid it slipping into the cracks of Pokemon GO.

Not only do I love this game, I believe in it. Hell, I even sent a business request on behalf of my company to attempt to get a partnership, similar to that of Walmart, Apple Store, and AMC. I would never do such a thing if I did not actually believe in the opportunity and future chances of Jurassic World Alive. A little disappointed I did not hear back, to be honest. :frowning:

Anyway, thank you again Marcus.

You might also want to look into having adamant users of the game and have good standings in the forum volunteer as “sub-moderators.” I don’t mean me, ha! I mean those fellas over at MetaHub. They do a hell of a job with communication of the game!


Glad I can still make some of you smile! :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally agree, we plan on collaborating and empowering the Community more in ways that can be beneficial for all of us.

It was a pleasure speaking to you!


Exactly. My account got deleted a week ago, and I’ve spend hard earned cash on this game. I do enjoy it. The game gave me a freaking support key, and I emailed that to them. All they have to Freaking do is respond to my email and reset my account. They suck so bad at customer relations. I’ve been giving them negative reviews on all social sites until they address this simple issue.


I know what you mean there is no communication what so ever, they hardly ever respond to emails and if they do it’s useless information and they skirt round the bug issue in the game.

All they are intrested in is money and providing little updates which eat away at data when half of the time it doesn’t solve anything. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks to get a reply from a email.