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Pokémon go looking good.. Rip jwa!


Having not played pokemon go in a year and just heard about the new updates. I am more then tempted to log back in and ditch jwa…

With more people leaving… the battling system is only set to get worse and that will probably mean more high level bots…

Will make my mind up in the next few days. Will be nice to hear other people’s thoughts on this…


If you really think that Pokemon Go is better and that Jurassic Park Alive has people leaving (by the way no numbers have ever been shown as to how many people are playing or leaving, so it’s just random guesses and hear’say). Then by all means get the game installed on your phone.

Sure Pokemon Go has had some updates, but some people may say the same thing regarding Pokemon, where it’s been dying for a while and this is their last ditch attempt to try and save the game. However; I would say to people that if they wish to play another game, then go ahead and do it, most of you are adults and you don’t need the approval or opinion of another person to make a decision.

All best in what you decide to do.


To me, Pokemon go will never be an option again. It’s a pure collection game and that’s terribly boring and will probably never change. I need competition in a game. In pogo everybody is lvl 40 and has maxed out pokemon. There is no point in grinding exp or leveling the 20th pokemon to lvl 40. I did so over 1 year in hoping that they will increase the max level caps or that they will add a challenging pvp system… got disappointed :frowning: . Furthermore, basically everyone can win matches in the current arena System… There is also no point in getting 100% iv pokemon because nobody except your best friend can see your pokemon. There is no global ranking for battle, walked distance, max catches, #shiny pokemon, … Pokemon go got a lot updates that’s true but in my opinion pokemon go still misses the main point: competition. Again its a pure collection games with no competition and that is terribly boring. Pokemon go … never again!


Pokemon Go events sort of increase this year… that is like… 2 years after launch date? A bit too late for most players…
JWA just started and we are expecting more improvements and additions - if you check metahub frequently there are constant updates and future plans for the game (new dinos, new attacks and abilities)…


Three main differences between JWA and PoGo. First is the PvP battle arena. Second more supply stops around. And 3 bag space.

(1) In my case against JWA is the cost to level up your dinos which is too much. You need both coins and the respective dinos DNAs. This is the case if your mons are at L15 and above. You need to keep levelling up your dinos if you plan to battle in the higher arenas i.e. 6 and 7.

For PoGo the cost to level up your mons are stardust and candies. Players can collect stardust among others by catching any mons which are widely available. While candies can only be earned among others by catching the same mon or its evolutions. The maximum amount of stardust required to level up a mon to L40 is 10k. While the max amount of candies required to level up a mon from L39 to L40 is 12.

Best thing is both the stardust and candies are not sold in the store. So, the cost to level up your mons is technicaly free. On the other hand, in JWA coins and DNAs which are part of the cost to level up your dinos are sold in the store. This increases the tendency for players to spend real money just to level up your dinos to remain competitive. So JWA is more like a P2P rather than F2P - in particular when you reach L10 and your dinos are at L15 and above.

(2) While I like the idea of more supply stops, I came across that most were along the roadside and none can be found in malls. Which makes it hard for us to continue playing without disruptions to the darts supply - while waiting for your wife shopping… :grin:

(3) As I have pointed out in my other post, the amount of darts that we could carry should be increased. 140 is just not enough - just adequate to hit 10 dinos on average. This is in contrast to PoGo where players can increase the items bag space significantly.


To me, Jurassic World Alive is more fun at launch than Pokemon Go has been even after a couple of years of updates. Yes, there are bugs that need to be worked out. Yes I hope they don’t stop here and add a ton of features. Both the catch and battle system are a lot more fun, and let’s face it. Dinosaurs > pokemon any day.


I’ve been playing PoGO since launch, but with a lot of breaks in between (kinda played during the first hype, then stopped cause of Winter, came back around 1st Anniversary and farmed the Legendaries with our local 50-100 PoGO hardcores, stopped during Winter again and so on … atm only playing on monthly Community Days).

Both games are very different except the fact that they are based on the real world and you kinda need to walk around.

JWA is more driver friendly, the things doesn’t despawn like in PoGO … and it’s better for rural players, cause of a lot more Supply Drops and things outside of big towns.


Wait, PoGo doesn’t have pvp battle? When I started playing JWA I thought “now I get why you’d walk around collecting Pokémon!” But if it’s just a collection game, I don’t get it. Yeah, yeah, “gotta catch em all,” but seriously?


Nah, they finally implemented a friend list and trade feature … but still no Trainer Matches or anything. Just the stupid old gyms which are far from any competitive PVP.


Hmm I know jwa is more fun but I don’t know how long it will take them to sort all the problems out… I was a bit late on the Pokémon hype… so maybe not everything was perfect at the start.

Wish they employed more workers at Lydia to sort this all out.


So in other words. Now that you have been exposed as a spoofer you’re jumping ship. Great, because nobody is going to miss you.


Playing JWA made me remember my Pokemon Go account. I started playing again yesterday. It’s nice, pleasant even, but… it is dull compared to JWA. PvP combat, way more dinos and supply drops, incentivises you way more to get out.

Only thing I prefer is Pokemon Go’s need to “walk” your eggs. That gets you out the house for sure!


Pokémon Go has improved hugely this past few months - events and special pokemon to collect pretty much each week.

This morning I got a shiny Squirtle with sunglasses that I evolved into a Blastoise with a special move (Hydrocannon). I was in town with a bunch of other trainers all grinding trying to get high IV shineys for three hours straight during the community day event and it was a lot of fun.

JWA however, I played solo (never see other players around) for about 2 mins when I had my one and only attempt at the Pyrritator. That was it.

Compare the two experiences and decide which one will still be around in a year…


Well, JWA is new and pretty unknown. Pokémon got the popularity/hype advantage …

With good advertising they could make JWA bigger, too.


I was never into Pokemon, so I skipped out on the launch of Pogo, but I walked around with my bf at night while he caught stuff. He got me hooked on JWA (because, as stated above, dinos > Pokemon), and even though he’s stopped playing and gone back to PoGo, we still go on hunts together. It is sort of sad that there’s not as much hype with this game so we can’t have hunting parties. But I’m still enjoying it and playing casually.


Who needs a dinky little lightning rat, when you could have the power of Blue and her squad at your beckon call? Pokemon is way overrated, anyway.


I stand by your every word, man.


Honestly, I really like JWA.
I’m a nerd for dinosaurs, so I love catching them, and I really prefer the more strategy-based battle system of JWA to the button-mashy battle system of PoGo.

My only really gripe about JWA is that the only way to get XP is by leveling up dinos, and the only way to level up dinos is with coin, and there’s a limit on how much coin you can get on any one day, which leads to your advancement being artificially stunted unless you want to invest real dollars.

But hey, for the time being I’m happy with it.


@Tyranno Hehehe, this is funny.
On Sunday I went down to the park to snag some DNA from the Epic and there were a ton of other people there. Apparently it was a PoGo community day and everyone was there catching Squirtles, and there’s me, not giving a single crap about cartoon tortoises. The odd man out.

I do kinda wish that there was more of a reason to hang out on Epic spawn day. Going down to the park for 30 seconds to collect one shot of DNA feels a little silly. Not really a great way to build any sort of community since your chances of crossing paths with another player in those 30 seconds are close to zero.


PoGo has community. Get together and do PoGo activities together.
JWA players are aloof and isolated…