Pokémon Go or Jurassic World Alive?


Hello my name is PlayingStyleG (in both games)

The problem is that I cant choose between these massive outdoor title’s which I’m playing every day.
I’m playing Pokémon Go like JW from te beginning. JW makes bether and faster updates but is has more advertisements, thats a bit of a shame. But okay we all have to make money, right?

Maby you play other games like ‘The Walking Dead - Our World’ or ‘Ingress’
Tell me more about your opinion! :slight_smile: :+1:t3:


Pokemon go gas the best potential but the braindead “battle” system and “teams” just makes it a horrible game.

I tried the walking dead for a few Days. The team aspect was kinda cool but ultimately everyone just plays for themselfes. I couldn’t find anything in the game that was exciting enough to invest the time needed.

JWA the best game (my opinion) out at the time. Interesting PVP battles is the main factor. But they really need to make the exploring aspect more interesing, it’s to much RNG right now with no way for the player to track specific dinosaurs.


Thanks for your awesome feedback!
The exploring is very good on track with this 2 new features. Hope they wil coming with more events