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Pokémon Go pvp


Anyone else see gameplay?
I saw a few clips… and it looks awful lol.
Thanks for awesome pvp, Ludia!! :revolving_hearts:


I saw it on PoGo this morning, can’t wait to try it.
You must be close in physical proximity to battle, unless you are best or ultra friends.

I am excited about having PvP in PoGo. We’ll see…it’s only been promised before game launch.


Have fun mindlessly tapping the screen! :joy:


Sooooo yeah. I’m having issues with Pogo pvp. They integrated 3 moves now- but its mindless tapping. Not only that- but theres a visible difference in pokemon tiers for those who level up and those who don’t (me). Will take me some time to plan movesets and get pokes where they need to be- but it works for Pogo.

I appreciate the work in JWA more tho- pvp wise.


Can you dodge attacks like you can in raids?

I have a level 36 red and a level 34 yellow but I havent logged in for litterally months now. Its just so kiddo and it gets to me after awhile.


I’ve only done trainer battles so far, but it’s not bad and a nice break from my current JWA losing streak :wink:

At least there’s no RNG involved! Tap away (just like you do in like raid battles), but if you have the right counters, you will win. How refreshing :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. No dodging.

P.S. When I reached 40 last spring I became an easy target for the competition lol… but Niantic has finally gotten it.


It’s shockingly bad .
Me and my wife played it just now and is mindless tapping the screen .
You get to use a barrier to block an attack twice in a match , and use three Pokémon , but you don’t get to choose their moves etc…
This game is ten times better


Someone may happy tapping the screen mindlessly but not me.


Yeah I used to Pogo then realised I was wasting fuel time and money raiding and etc. They more interested in making creatures shiny than making a game that is fun to play! thank you to the spoofer that bullied me outta that game (learning my gyms and schedule and making it impossible to earn coins!) best thing ever lol😀


pogo was life but i got tired of chasing pokemon because some say they are good or not… and wasting money on raids then having to worry about gifts etc… atleast with this game i chase what is usefull and goes directly to the team i use. no more shiny hunting useless pokemon either. it was fun and i used to run a scanner but since that stopped all the fun went away.


The best part of JWA is that you don’t have to “heal”. (Except maybe your own psychological mind set after losing a bunch, haha)


know of a good psychologist?? lol i need to lay down on a couch and let it all out


I’ll pull up a couch next to yours :joy:


Thanks for the posts, everyone :slight_smile: Now I know I’m not missing anything by not doing PoGo’s version of PvP!

I’ve played PoGo since shortly after that game’s release, but I lost interest after I hit level 40 during the August Eevee Community Day. Unless there’s an event going on, PoGo spawns are usually yawn-inducing, the daily gift exchange was an annoying chore, and I hated standing around wasting time hoping enough people would show up to do a Level 5 raid.

Contrast that with JWA, where I get daily epics & rares in my neighborhood and all the surrounding ones. All four zones are within 2-3 miles of home, the PvP is great, and of course since I’m a big Jurassic Park/World movie fan I love dinosaurs! :grinning:


I remember the day I quit with such clarity.
I started PoGo the day it came out, and played up until Larvitar Community Day. A couple weeks before that CD, I had downloaded JWA via a link on Instagram. Those couple weeks I played zero PoGo, dedicating all my time to JWA.
So Larvitar CD rolls around and I head to my spot to hunt. Game gets turned on, I click on one single Larvitar and a thought enters my head, “I don’t want to play this anymore.” It was the first and only time since downloading that I had this thought. Closed the app, deleted it, turned on JWA to dart the Park Event Rex… and haven’t looked back since.


^ that was longer than I intended lol.
JWA > PoGo

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“Dragonite” was somehow a love for everyone when i played PoGo, and i was lucky to stay in the nest, i caught like almost 200 of it chasing every single spawn i saw on map.
Then spoofers ruin the game where collecting coins becomes a nightmare.
Feeling crazy that a CP10 kept jumping out of pokeball and ran away with one catch on CP2000, doesn’t make sense.
Hope JWA get rid of all spoofers, otherwise it will end the same fate as PoGo.


Graphics and battling are WAY better in JWA. But i’ll never badmouth PoGo since it was the pioneer of augmented reality gaming. I got really deep into it until I didn’t recognize many of the new pokemon anymore. The emotional/nostalgic attachment sadly faded after gen 2.

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PoGo PvP looka like a bad copy of JWA PvP.
Also it comes with bugs, like you need to have set auto time or you can’t battle with friends remotely (you can’t attack, damage isn’t recorded properly).

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For me they have two separate goals and you can play either :

  • If you want competition, strategy, thinking about a turn and possible plays, working on a lineup go for jwa pvp

  • If you want to put your brain down, just mindlessly tap a screen as fast as you can go for pogo pvp

There is one real pvp system and the other one is a mini game when you have nothing to do (and trust me if I have nothing to do I’d rather dart a diplocaulus than tapping my phone screen as fast as I can…)