Pokémon in JWA (or something like Pokémon)

Ik ik it’s not Pokémon Go but listen to me real quick maybe having like a special event with Nintendo that allows to catch the Fossil Pokémon since they’re prehistoric like Aerodactyl and such. Imagine having an Aerodactyl in JWA I mean it is an extinct Pokémon and it is based on a real animal that being a Pterodactyl. So it’s ain’t too off but also I could see something like Pokémon but JWA is all about real animals and hybrids, so possibly like a spinoff to JWA that only allows you to catch fake creatures like in Pokémon Go. Those are just ideas so do touch it with a grain of salt.

What’s the point of calling this a JW game if it has Pokémon in it???


No, no, no. This is about dinos and real animals.


Pokémon in jwa? Please no. Let pogo have Pokémon. And even if ludia wanted to add Pokémon it would be extremely hard to get it in.

And i don’t think you want these in the game lol


Well the hybrids sure stretch that definition…But I do agree with you. JWA definitely has it’s own style, and pokemon don’t fit in at all, even if by some miracle Nintendo did allow/want them to be featured.


Well at least we would have maps that work with Android 12


First you suggest adding gen 7’s and now jwa pokemon? Its a dinosaur based game no


If anything, Ingress would be a better option.
But you’re talking about two completely competing AR companies, there is no way that JWA can be better with a joint venture between Niantic and Ludia.

Pokémon GO has virtually zero PvP, unlike. JWA which is mostly focused on PvP


JWA is a game with beautiful and Terrifying looking creatures, and you want to spoil it by adding these pokémons! No, please No!!!


Albertospinos would look pretty intimidating if its eyes weren’t so derpy


Pokémon Go has a great PVP system, they have multiple league and they are always changing up the leagues.

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I would Love to keep baby Thor as my pikachu.

Yeah, really look derp with those eyes… And sadly it also got terrible stats :pensive:
And on other hand, just look at Fukuimimus eyes :crazy_face:

Actually, it doesn’t, it is actually quite rubbish.

I had reinstalled pogo because of the PvP, but it is so bad, I have uninstalled pogo.
There isn’t anything worthwhile now in pogo.

PvP in JWA is a lot better.
Though Not in the same league as Ingress, which I enjoy, but still better than pogo.

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If you don’t know many users are posting suggetions you know Pokemon, Creatures that are not dinosaurs yeah they are nonsense in my own opinion and if you like their ideas I will respect your opinion.