Pokémon VS Dinosaurs

Pokémon vs dinosaurs cuz I wanna see these dumb things( Pokémon) get smacked into a real world and get mauled apart.Also @SonicNTGD i sort of stole your format hehehe

I think I will start with Aerodactyl vs Pteranodon


Weight: 59 kg
Wingspan:I would say abt 7.6m, based off Pteranodon which has similar dimensions
Weaponry: teeth, wing claws, tail
Advantages: heavier, a longer tail for combat , had teeth
Disadvantages: slower, shorter beak


Weight:51 kg
Wingspan: at least 7.6, at most 10( I will go with 8)
Weaponry: foot claws, beak
Advantages: faster, longer beak and legs
Disadvantages: less durable, longer neck could be an open target

Pteranodon is flying over an open ocean, looking for fish. As it skims over the surface of the water, a loud “whoosh” sound from above attracts its attention. A rift in the sky suddenly appears, and Aerodactyl emerges through it! It scans its surroundings, bewildered, but does not notice Pteranodon, who tries to pierce its wing in an attempt to drive away the Aerodactyl from its territory. Aerodactyl lifts its wing just in time to avoid serious damage, but still screams in pain at the injuries caused . Infuriated, it turns its attention to Pteranodon, who is circling above it. Aerodactyl flies up to meet Pteranodon, mouth of teeth wide open. It catches hold of Pteranodon’s leg and tries to pull it down, but Pteranodon pecks it’s head with its beak, causing it to let go. Pteranodon then retaliates with a flurry of scratches on Aerodactyl’s head, but Aerodactyl shakes it off and successfully bites Pteranodon’s left leg and drags Pteranodon below it. They then lock leg claws, ( Yk like how eagles do) but Aerodactyl being the heavier one flings Pteranodon out of the sky and dives down at its long neck, almost landing a perfect hit and causing major blood loss. However, Pteranodon uses that opportunity to pierce Aerodactyl in the chest, killing it. Aerodactyl stares in shock before it’s head falls slack and it plummets into the ocean below. The pteranodon, severely injured, flaps back to its nest to tend to its wounds.

So how did it go? Do you like it? Do you agree with the results? Do you want to see more of it?

  • I like this and want to see more of this
  • I don’t like this

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Woo lesgoo

Aerodactyl’s wingspan is much shorter than 7.6m considering its legnth is only 1.8 meters. Also, wouldn’t the Pokémon have their respective powers? Aerodactyl can summon rocks to launch at Pteranodon using Rock Slide.


That is true rock slide would be super effective


Good point good point I will add that in next time. However, I think it would be fair to say that it’s powers would have been considerably weakened due to it being in a different dimension.

You can’t really compare mythical creatures to real animals, the pokemon would always win because they have insane super powers


Not really, look at what I just said

I like it, but I think you could summarize the simulation battle more, lol… Also, although pokémon have powers, many dinosaurs are way bigger… Only powerful pokemons would have a chance… Or Gigantamax forms =)

Got it! I will improve and start working on the next one soon.

I’m closing the vote at 5:00p.m. , ( GMT+8)

Or even mega evolution and a moves

Welp forgot to close the poll

Oops I already have one ready tho. Maybe in the next one?

Tell that to the mice that can summon lightning at will or harden their tails into steel and use them to smack others around with the force of an 18 wheeler :rofl:

Or the human-sized four-armed bodybuilders that are strong enough to literally move mountains.

Or the fire spitting flying lizard.


Ye lol, for the stronger ones, I’ll make it so they enter the lands of Isla nublar because in my au, their powers are weakened/ strengthened based on where they are

What about when ash went to a different dimension in the s and y anime tho?

Let’s not forget Tyranitar, the mini indestructible godzilla with armor capable of withstanding any attack, and can destroy mountains in one punch.


I feel like this would be super unfair for the dinos here. They’re just regular creatures, while the Pokémon have unlimited powers to their advantage. Even with their abilities nerfed significantly, they’d still have literal super powers on their side. Fire breathing, Electricity, the ability to summon black holes at will, etc. Just pit a Ghost Type Pokémon against any dino/creature and it’d automatically win because the dino can’t do anything. Pikachu could probably beat literally any real creature it’s faced up against because it could just, I dunno, strike it with actual lightning? Even with Legendary Pokémon disqualified, the majority of the Pokémon roster would annilate any dino they fight.


Well, I was imagining kind of an adaptation of Pokemons to the real world, or dinosaurs to the Pokémon world, cause there would be a lot of inconsistencies without doing that… Like, “Bite” is a Dark type move, which not only hits ghosts, but it’s super effective… And what is special about it? A Pokemon simply bites the other, lol. There’s no magical energy on their teeth or anything. A dinosaur could use “Bite”… Not to mention the exaggerations, like, they say a Pokémon can move mountains (Machamp, right?), but we see it having difficulties to move a boulder or break through a wall, for example.

But yeah, if you wanna consider the descriptions to the letter and without adapting the worlds, then forget dinosaurs. Freaking pokémons, even non-legendaries, could beat most superheroes.

That’s more of a gameplay limitation though, and to keep the main game series as kid-friendly as possible.

The Pokedex entries would be exaggerations, but given that manga tends to back up a lot of them (I’m not kidding, the Pokemon manga can be incredibly dark and does not shy away from the more horrifying aspects that living in the world of Pokemon would actually be like), lore wise they should be considered absolutely correct.