Pole for how people are reclimbing in the arena since reset


Just a curiosity pole to see how well people are fairing with reclimbing since the trophy reset.

I would be interested to know where you were with what level/type dino. And where you now with what level/type dino and how much difficulty and effort you have faced.

Example using myself

• I was just under 4300 trophies at reset. Had been in arena 8 for over a week.
• I was using level 16-20 epic and legendary.
• I have made it to just under 3900 trophies so far with a lot of effort and extreme difficulty.
• I now have 1 lv19, 6 lv20, and 1 lv 24 (no unique) (bought the one shot for leveling up and then 250,000 gold from the store with the cash. Had the dna piled up, just no gold to work with before)
• Honestly expected to be back in arena 8 in under 24 hours… way way way off on that assumption lol.

How have you all been fairing?


All legendaries team, no unique, highest level at 20, was stuck at 43xx now stuck at 38xx. Seeing a lot of indoraptors in battles now.


Same … 50/50 strong epic/legendary around levels 18-20, previously between 42-4400 now stuck between (often below) 38-3900.
Agree … tons of indoraptors (makes sense considering last week’s specials) but lot of teams with multiple (4+) high level (23+) uniques.

Have to wonder how stupid people are with their money buying incubators/coins to get these kinda teams or how many are cheating


I think it’s worse than before. You need a pretty upgraded team to battle now. As before there was battles for every players level. Not saying it should go back to the old way but maybe more options for players that aren’t so dedicated.


I started at 3500 and am up to 3507 at the moment.




Around 4500 pre-reset. Hanging around 3800 now. To be fair though, I only arena when I need to fill an incubator slot. I’ll push if I’m not 4000+ near tournament’s end, but for now I’ll just continue to take it slow.


I have expected much worse scenario tbh :smiley:
I have qualified to the 3500+ literally 2 days before the tournament (3503 or something :joy:).
Ok, my reward pot wasn’t that fantastic like players with more trophies were showing, ~12k gold and loads of mostly irrelevant DNA, stocked me for some time with over 3k of Nunda though so it’s nice, with my score it’s more than I expected anyway.

If it comes to trophies I am nearly impressed with myself, ok I dropped but I have currently 3423 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I dropped like a stone cause I fought in a lot of battles minutes after restart on day one: I met Indoraptor 27tish lvl in my first one (pure fun :sweat_smile:), Utarinex and other weaklings later, got absolutely grinded :see_no_evil::rofl::rofl:
But it was fun actually, seeing in action dinosaurs I can forget about for quite a long time :smiley:

From day two till now I didn’t see any unique I think, other than that there is no limit :sweat_smile:


Was at around 4500 trophies… Now I seem to be going up and down like yo-yo… currently at 3650 and have been up to just under 4k. Seeing a ton of Indo’s… level 24/25 legendary etc… It’s getting annoying. Oh well could be worse :slight_smile:


Totally agree… It’s like all the cheaters are here to play.


I’ll say…
Really hard, because the 4000 trophies line is around rank 220~230 now.
That means, you should be around rank 200~250 before reset, than you’ll get better chance back to 4000+ in this moment.

It will take several weeks for you to back to Jurassic Ruin, and might close to tournament ended.
Yeah, couldn’t get arena 8 incubators is a frustrating point of reset.:disappointed_relieved:


Back up to 3850… We’ll see how long this lasts :grin:


Was 4800ish area now im going up and down at 4100


Was 4917 at reset now 4103


Don’t hate me, I just got my first unique (Indoraptor), but believe me, she is not invincible!

Before the reset, I got as high as about 4,350 trophies. I’m currently at about 3,800 trophies, depending how rng is treating me. I should be able to get back into Arena 8 before the tournament ends, the leaderboard would be sweet but is questionable. As we all know, lots of competition!

GL to everyone, and remember, have fun! Don’t let the cheaters and what has not/should have been done to them (according to our opinions) ruin it for you.



Was 4800ish before reset, now at 4200ish. It’s been a real struggle with all the spoofers deranking me every other game.Using lvl 18-25 legendary dinos and a lvl 23 indoraptor.


I was 4100-4200 and it was pretty easy to climbe there when I met players of my level. Now I can’t even reach 3800 and it makes me go mad.


Was 4600-4800 max, now it’s impossible to pass arena 8, I’m stuck in 3800 lol


4390 was highest pre-reset. I’ve got to 3880 but slipped straight down to 3700.

The game has a lot of RNG but I’ve definitely been out played numerous times. I don’t feel entitled to the pre reset score but I really want to get a prize. I’m enjoying it all be it mostly bashing my head against a brick wall.


Was at 4300+ before reset. Highest I ever got to after that was 3800. Hovering between 3650-3750 nowadays. Win 2, lose 2. Win 5 in the morning, lose 5 at night.
My team:

Thought I’ll get to 4000+ easily but…