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Poll: 1.8 Content or bug fixes? What's more important to you?

Would you either prefer new content with every update and take the risk of more bugs or would you prefer that 1.8 just fixes all current bugs before adding new content? Both seems not to be a realistic option.

  • New content
  • Fix all bugs

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Personally I would prefer that 1.8 just fixes all bugs and 1.9 introduces new features. I am not a developer myself, but I guess if a code already contains bugs, it gets even worse if you add new lines to it. I can’t enjoy the new update, since so many features are not working.


An intermediate release with bug fixes would be much appreciated.

In fairness, they have fixed several - sadly not the need to restart after a battle before being able to chat - but on the flip side have introduced a whole new batch. The most immediate fix needed (like, in the next 24 hours please) is to solve the time out issue when battling - I’m probably battling once in every 6 attempts and then I nearly miss the creature selection as I’m not expecting it to work …


I’ve liked 1.7. I must value content over safety. Because there is a lot of new content and a lot of bugs

It would be nice if 1.8 would start even. 1.7 does not for many.

2 numbers should be for content for example 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 and 3 numbers should be for bug fixes and such, like 1.7.1, 1.7.2 and so on.

Other games fix bugs as fast as they can but ludia doesn’t care just if the bug is negative for ludia than they can fix it within 24 hours…sadly but true


Why wait till 1.8 to fix the bugs ? They should fix them asap, in between large updates, just like any other games.


When bugs literally prevent you from playing the game, content is meaningless…

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Please, let’s not talk about another update yet. I am still recovering from the nightmare that is this one…

Obviously I’ve not been that effected since Android finally updated. Enjoyed everything but mid battle crashing and failed connects to other player.but I already disliked battles.

I don’t mean the 20 hours delay from accessing the game.
I mean the instability in battle arenas that doesn’t let you either find someone to battle or kicks you out in the middle of the battle making you lose the match.

It takes like 20 minutes to be able to find a match, then it kicks you out immediately granting a defeat. It takes 40 minutes of trying to battle until you can get a single incubator.
I’m not exaggerating with times. It took me that long this morning to get my first incubator. 40 minutes of trying…

And there are many other bugs, but I focus on this one because it makes the game not playable, not fun and nonsense.


I still don’t have an incubator.

Lost 300 trophies, successfully completed 0 battles.

A lot went for the latter of those choices…

89% bug fix votes? well… now we’ll know if ludia really listen to us. :blush:

The new algorithm taking team strength into account has narrowed the number of opponents so it really isnt a bug so much as an issue of timing. Someone has to be online, looking for a battle, close to your level, close to your team level and trophy count. This is the inevitable result of the cry babies winning with regard to match making, congratulations folks you got what you wanted and now you get to reap your rewards

Fixing bugs is something that can be done over time. Updates need new content even if it’s just new animals.


I think it’s obvious we all want our games to run error free so bug fixes are a high priority for most of us. Unfortunately, bug fixes are not always as easy as we think they should be. If the code was only written for a couple different devices it wouldn’t be as difficult but the reality is the code has to be written on dozens of different devices made by different manufacturers with different operating systems, hardware, resolutions, etc. What works on one device may not work on another and fixes that should work can introduce other bugs. Every new major patch has problems and I believe over the next couple weeks as they receive more information and feedback from the players we’ll be seeing multiple patches to try and resolve the major bugs.

What helps most is when a player can explain what they were doing when the bug occurred and provide information about the device they play the game on. Just stating something is broke without complete information increases the difficulty in resolving issues.

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A simple bug like “Messages not coming through in chat right after a battle” that has existed pretty much since the introduction of Alliances is not something complicated to fix, yet they seem to put no effort in it whatsoever. The amount of bugs that make playing or at least enjoying the game impossible is worse than anything I’ve seen before. To me this sounds like mismanagement, because when developers can build so many things, they can fix bugs too. They just don’t get the time to do so because the stakeholders demand new content to be pushed within a tight schedule with deadlines and everything. This is how development tends to go in many companies, and it’s the developers and managers that need to show some balls to prevent this from happening.

We need the bugs fixed first, can always add content later after all issues are taken care of…they need to make a team of 10 people or so to locate and fix all the bugs…

I’m tired of those annoying bugs that take ages to be resolved. A bug fix release is more than welcome.