Poll about Smilonemys

I might be late to the party, but since the latest Smilonemys buff, I’ve only seen a few opinions about her scattered in the forum. Since it’s unclear to me what people actually think about her, I decided to create this topic to try to sum up all of your guys’ opinions with a couple of questions.
How strong do you think she is?

  • She’s OP
  • She’s strong
  • She’s balanced
  • She’s weak

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If you think she’s either OP, strong or balanced, do you think the hard-to-get ingredients, except for Smilodon maybe, make up for it?

  • Yes, ingredients are hard enough to get.
  • No, ingredients are too easy to get.

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That’s it for now, thanks if you voted. Sorry if this topic is unnecessary, I’m just curious.


she’s strong. but the immune to slow came out of nowhere.
still prefer long defensive strike over sheilded decel, but at least this way she can occasionally beat indo g2.


She is strong, nobody can deny that. Stronger than most dinos out there. But I don’t find her OP. I don’t dread seeing her on my opponent’s team and I rarely have issues killing it unless I roll an entire deck of things that are rubbish against it.

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I use her as a thor counter. Doesnt work all the time, but it can be a decent pay off.

I love mine!!! I usually use it as a finisher in battles… hasn’t let me down yet… and mine is only lvl22. Can’t wait to level to level it up more

Definitely not weak.

Just got mine to level 22. I’m honestly surprised, because almost all fuses I did on her while trying to create her were almost all tens, but I got some really good fuses this time.

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I dont have it yet, so I dont know

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Same thing happened to me… got a lot of 10’s but got a 40 on my last fuse XD

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I’d actually rephrase the 2nd answer to say that it’s actually quite challenging to make.

You have 3 epics:

  1. an arena exclusive
  2. a day/dawn/dusk global that’s in a diluted pool with 14 other global epic spawns
  3. a day/dawn/dusk park exclusive.

Definitely one of the tougher uniques to make … but totally worth it now.