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Poll about update 2.9

Simple question. After one week I think we can give a general veredict:

Did you like the update?

  • Yes, the game got better.
  • No, it made things worse.
  • If I could play the game I would answer.

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I had to correct something. Please vote again those who had already voted. My own answer: no

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Well, can’t say these results are a surprise, lol

The login-issue aside, I don’t think it’s made much of a difference. Cunnings are at least doing better, but somewhat at the expense of Fierce creatures, while Resilients are still by and large the dominant class.

And now that very few creatures can actually Decelerate, and the Speed stat remains unchanged, I think we’re about to see a Nitro issue growing on a scale we haven’t seen before.


Sadly not a fan of this update. There are definitely some good parts, don’t get me wrong, but between the Resilient change not having quite the intended effect, overbuffing of Skoona & Testa, lack of boost shuffle, and the login issue… not the best

in my opinion, the only good things that came out of this update were the Spinocon, Utarinex, Para Lux, Testa deer, and Tovenator buffs + some new creatures. Everything else was either bad, didn’t change much, or went almost completely unnoticed.

Much worse….so bad I finally quit the game after 3 years.

i like 2.9 tbh

Why do you bring negative energy everywhere?


wdym? i just said i like 2.9. how is stating my opinion negative?