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Poll:best daily mission rewards


What do you think is the best daily mission rewards?

  • Alanqa DNA
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA
  • Ankylosaurus DNA
  • Erlikosaurus DNA

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Trex is done, Anky is done. Lord Lythronax is done. THEY WON’T BE COMING BACK FOR A LOOOOONG TIME. :no_entry_sign:
It is ERLIKO TIME!! And good thing too, I need Erlidominus.


I picked them all :confused:


For me Ankylosaurus because I see a reasonable number of wild T-Rexes during my commute.

Not that I get much DNA out of this, because I would rather die than complete 13 battles a day. Even 1 is too many the way things are at the moment.