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Poll:Best Tanks

  • Alankylosaurus
  • Ankyntrosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Nodopatotitan
  • Tragodistis
  • Stegoceratops
  • Stegodeus

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If stegocera is considered a tank where is monostego?


Answer is tryko


The lack of Trykosaurus and Diorajasaurus irritates me :roll_eyes:


We can’t vote this without Tryko.

Because that’s literally the best tank.

Not tank? How could a 30% armor + instant invincible creature not been defined as a tank?


Also instant distraction! Don’t forget that!


I know but,i only include the normal tank not the tank that literally can bust tanks,besides that,if i put tryko most people Will just vote tryko and not the other tanks

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Tryko is the best tank


Diplodocus needs to be in your list

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The definition of a tank is of a defensive build, by virtue of its kit it reduces the damage received and simultaneously hit back relatively higher, thus outdoing the enemies in damage ratio.
By that, stegoceratop doesn’t fulfill it since it stuns to gain advantage in damage ratio. On the other hand, tryko outperform nearly everyone in dealing damage, while it has defensive kits and can be played like above. So it can features a tank role.
Although 30% armor with no shield does get people doubt its tank ability.


So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re a Lockwood player with this list.

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