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[Poll] Boost shuffle mechanics

Ludia, you always say that you listen to us, so please, consider these boost shuffle systems.
Now to refund a boost takes off 50% of it. I believe that it’s an unjustifiably high price. Considering that a dino is usually boosted not 10/10/10 but 15/10/5 (or something like this with one stat maxed) when a player wants to change a dino in their team they lose 7-8 boosts of one stat. It’s about 2 months of progression. It’s a very high price cause in 2 months you will add new dinos and rebalance others.

Recently there was a shuffle event so everyone could take new dinos in their team. I guess that this increased amount of battles and that involved players in the game much more. I personally play with much more pleasure with new dinos and balanced boosts. Much more than stucked with old ones.

I haven’t seen any game where resetting masteries or equipment was so expensive. Usually, it takes some reasonable amount of soft cash or hard cash.

So I believe that this system needs to be refreshed.
I see few ways to fix it:

1. Make a free shuffle event regular. For example, 1 per month. First 5 days of each month you can take off any boost for free

2. Refund 90% of boost. So for taking off a boost you get not 50 but 90 boosts.

3. Refund 100% of boost for a reasonable amount of coins or HC. For example, 20.000 coins for taking off 1 boost or 200.000 for taking off all boosts from a dino.

4. Or maybe someone wants to leave it all as it is.

So what would players prefer?

    1. Regular shuffle events
    1. Refund 90% of a boost
    1. Refund 100% of a boost for coins or HC
    1. Leave it alone. It’s good as it is

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U wish you can say 2 options: then i will do option 1 and 3. ( option 2 is also nice but option 1 and 3 is better )

if it is refund option i hope its not too expensive

Today I saw an official poll about the tournament trophy system. Let’s show more activity here so that Ludia would listen to us :grinning:

One boost shuffle event per month would be fantastic. But we’d also need a “reset all boosts” feature so we donät have to take them off one by one all the time.

I’d say shuffles every 4 moths would be good, gives time for players to adjust to meta while not being by ridiculously far apart