Poll: boosts on bench

  • Leave and hope for buff
  • Buyback and redistribute

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Curious what most due when benching a dino with boosts? Do you leave them and hope for a buff in the future? Or buy them back at the reduced cost and redistribute?

i have yet to do this. anything that’s boosted is on my main team. things that get hybrids tho, i will buy the boosts back. i have accepted that loss and am fine with it.

I’ve only benched one so far with boosts; Erlikospyx. His health is just too low and becomes way too much of liability. Add on the fact that a lot of his move utility is nullified by all the immunes; it just was time for him to take a seat

All my boosts are on trash XD

Depends on the dino. When i benched erlikospyx i had only boosted Its speed to 138. I refunded those because i likely wasn’t ever going to bring him in back to the team unless of some major buff which is very unlikely. I just recently benched erlidom and rion each probably combined for like maybe 30 tiers or a little more. I have not refunded those do to maybe a possible rebuff to rion(or when I finally get him to level 30) or with the possibility of substituting them in for some of my starting squad to mix up my team.

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I have a max boosted Thor on the bench that I still use for strike events.
(Who knows? If they ever do something with crit boosts Thor could be a thing again)
I only unboost when tweaking but never strip a dino down.

When I benched stegod, I took back its boosts. But I’ve been confused about what to do about with my utahsinoraptor, since I kinda wanna bench it. But I might want it back on my team again eventually, so I’m not sure if it’s worth losing half my boosts.

I have a lot of benched boosts and will never refund them. They have to do a boost overhaul sometime. Right…?

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@Diloreich that’s very true, they’ve done it twice already! Third times a charm :joy:

I would leave them on the dinosaur because Ludia loves rebuffing dinosaurs over and over again, bring them in and out of usefulness, so the most money efficient thing to do, is save them.

There is no end to the game anyway so there is zero need to rush for the nonexistent finish line.

Oh and never follow a carrot on a stick :slight_smile: