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Poll : ceratopsids

What ceratopsid do you like to see most?

  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Styracosaurus
  • Regaliceratops
  • Chasmosaurus
  • Kosmoceratops
  • Centrosaurus
  • Uthaceratops
  • Pentaceratops
  • Anchiceratops
  • Arrhinoceratops
  • Eucentrosaurus
  • Archelousaurus
  • Rubeosaurus
  • Machairoceratops
  • Mercuryceratops
  • Zuniceratops
  • Diabloceratops

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Edit : eucentrosaurus is a invalid genus

Eucentrosaurus is not a valid genus.

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Ok i try remove it. Forgot that

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Pachyrhinosaurus and styracosaurus are fighting over the top

Feathers for the win!

no pachyrhino pls, i dont want that ugly hybrid from jwtg

Im partial, Ive watched walking with dinosaurs with my toddler too many times…

Styra and Diablo could have really cool hybrids.
I’d love to see Styra fused with Ankylo and Giganoto
And I’d love to see a Diablo fused with Carno and Rhino