[Poll] Discussing OPness of pre-2.14 phorurex

So I’ve seen a lot of people upset about the phorurex nerf and a lot of people happy about it so I wanted to create a poll to see the general opinion
Was pre-2.14 Phorurex OP or not?

  • It was OP
  • It was not OP

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What do you think about the nerf?

  • Too much
  • Not enough
  • Good
  • Neutral

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The whole swap in move not just the lockdown was removed by the way
If you use it on your team, will you still be using it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure
  • Don’t have it on my team

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Give us a middle ground on the top poll, like i don’t see why it’s too op or not.

Can’t edit it after 5 min

Even before the nerf there was too much problems with it, so i left it at 29 with a few boost to have it at 2k attack and 134 speed. It was still on my team and with it still managed to get me to the top 400 which I haven’t been since before 2.0. Its primary function on my team was to serve as bait and that it did too well.

I’m think it will still be decent for the way I used it. I mainly used it as a revenge killer and not a swapper. In my opinion it just lost a bit of versatility as a swapper. I will just have to wait and see how I feel about it after 2.14

At least if they removed the entire swap in reverse back her stats. But im happy to see less phorex on library-gryo

I agree. I think Phourex did not deserve the nerf it got. it should still be nerfed but not on this levek

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