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[Poll] Discussion regarding the VIP Free Trial ads that appear when you open a Supply Drop

Hi, I’m new on these forums (though not that new to JWA). I created an account here to spark discussion over something I’ve noticed recently:

The frequency of VIP free trial ads has increased to the point of basically appearing every time I open a regular supply drop.

I’d like to preface this by saying I have no problem with Ludia making money off JWA; in fact I hope they do make lots of money so they can maintain the servers necessary to keep the game running and hire more developers/designers/what have you to improve the game and attract more people we can play with.

However, I genuinely don’t see how spamming these VIP free trial ads is the way to go about it.

First off, these things take time to close. This causes players to miss creatures and supply drops, especially when they’re on a vehicle or glance away from their device while walking.

Secondly, they’re simply annoying. I’m just trying to collect some darts to get some DNA off an Epic I’m passing by, and suddenly these things show up. It used to be that they only appeared occasionally (though the exact frequency is something I didn’t notice), but now they basically appear every time I open a supply drop. What gives?

Thirdly (and I understand I’m making this point from a position of relatively limited information), I genuinely do not see how this helps to increase revenue. Yeah, I get the point - it’s supposed to have players try out a VIP trial to get them to pay for the full subscription. But, honestly, with the VIP trial idea, it’s not going to be long before you reach saturation with the VIP subscription thing (i.e. everyone who would buy a VIP subscription has already done so). Showing me the 20th ad for the VIP trial is not going to suddenly turn me into a VIP-purchasing customer after I’ve closed the previous 19, and you’re introducing unnecessary frustration into a key component of the game in doing so.

Look, we all play games to have fun, whatever form that takes. Introducing an repeated annoyance into a highly critical part of your game (the whole “gather resources on a map modelled after the world around you” thing) which has diminishing returns means that, inevitably, the cumulative frustration is going to turn off more players than it converts into customers. This is especially true when the advertised purchase is a monthly subscription which costs more per month than the purchase price for most paid mobile games. However, some of those non-VIP players would be happy to make one-off purchases of Cash - as long as they don’t quit in frustration, that is.

Apart from the purchases that these non-VIP players make, they also serve as a rather important function with regards to the VIP players - that of content. Without the non-VIP players, who are the VIP players going to enjoy battling, or building Alliances and working towards rewards with, or fighting Raids alongside? If enough of these players quit, or even advise family and friends not to download your game, a shrinking player base will eventually dissuade those VIP players from continuing their subscriptions anyway.

So much for my reasoning as to why this is an issue. Here’s my personal suggestion as to a solution:

I’ve heard from some people who’ve played for longer that JWA used to have a system where players could watch an ad to skip the cooldown on Supply Drops in place of these VIP ads. I personally think this is a great way to monetize free-to-play or relatively-little-spending players who might not be inclined to pay for a full VIP subscription, and it would be quite a useful feature for players stuck indoors during the current global pandemic. Perhaps this could be combined with the option to turn off the VIP ads, or, if they really do bring in extra revenue, maybe they could be limited to once a month or made less intrusive.

TL;DR: The frequency of VIP free trial ads has recently shot up for me, I’d be interested to know if this is the same for everyone else and I discuss why this is an issue in the wall of text above.

What does everyone think of bringing back the watch-ad-to-skip-cooldown feature for supply drops?

  • Bring it back, and completely remove the VIP trial ads
  • Bring it back, and reduce the presence of the VIP trial ads
  • Bring it back, but leave the VIP trial ads in place
  • Don’t bring it back, and keep the VIP trial ads

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It happens to me too. It annoys me. Like, seriously.


That was back when you had to be directly on top of a supply drop to even open it. and you could only watch the ad once in a 15 minute period. it essentially got you 2 spins out of a stop in 15 minutes rather than one. but the rewards from the stops were also lower.

I wouldn’t mind having it again. it would be beneficial to those who don’t have many supply drops around them to begin with.


Personally I like this idea.

Anything that allows Ludia to generate money without it costing us anything other than time is good in my book


Looks like my poll thread and its comments got moved into this thread instead, so I’ve moved the poll up into the original post