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[Poll] Do you agree with the Thoradolosaur and Phorusaura buffs?


I don’t really think this is nessicary. Bleeding chompers are one of the best ways to bring them down, and this does shut down one of Thor’s counters, Spinoconstrictor, who could take on Thor’s far higher than itself. Its losing matchups remain unchanged, but I don’t agree with this DOT resist addition.

Do you?

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The chicken’s back, it seems. Now it can go back to cycling through its “Instant Rampage then Ramp and Run cycle” and will likely go back to being an arena bane. I certainly do NOT agree with this buff.

How about you?

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With the route Ludia is going with Thor, they might as well give it 100% distraction resistance.


Yes, the arena is the worst it’s ever been and this will make it even more so. It’s just so incredibly dull. It’s always just waiting to see how fast their Thor is going to be. Now it will have even fewer counters.


With the changes Ludia keeps making, they really don’t want me to regularly play the arena. Once a month to update my trophy count is enough.


Thor’s buff is minor and doesn’t really matter.

Phorusaura im fine with. Rampage and run isn’t really the problem anyway.

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Well then, my spinoconstrictor that I spent forever on is now lo longer able to take down one of the biggest threats I face in the arena. It was one of my best creatures to take on thors, but now its not Thanks ludia


No no no no no and no. That is all.

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Its actually a huge buff, now you cant kill thor with lethal wound,

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Thor still suffers from many issues. It’s hp tier and speed tier are really bad


When you bring boosts into the question (the main issue) that really becomes more of a problem


But again, the bleed issue wasn’t THAT big. I was discussing this with other people about how thor isn’t amazing even with boosts. You mostly want to focus one stat, but then the other 2 stats are going to struggle

@Snake_Dude I agree 100% with you, the buff makes it op when it was already horrible, I do suggest using indo rex to counter, can run your Cloak then ko. thor, hope this counter helps

Again, why double rampages in arena!

Phorusaura’s case was ridiculous. Why does Ludia retract when it affects the players who had it? nerf then buff and then nerf and again buff what are we playing at?

I’m guessing you’re not in Aviary or Low Library to understand to real problems people have with Thor


The bleed issue was massive… Not sure if you take Estate and Ruins players into account, but there are literally 2 ways to kill a overboosted thor with low levels, indom(which thankfully remained unchanged), and bleeders. Now the only real way for low levels to counter thor is indom, if you don’t draw it you lose. And yes, distraction exists but these insane thors can usually onetap creatures even with half damage, if not they have IC.


I still see the overboosted thors where I’m at in gyro, but they just aren’t a problem. The minute you get maxima going, they are easy pickings

Not to mention mags and monolometrodon

The Thor buff would be fine in a vacuum, but since they haven’t fixed the fact that low-level players are constantly facing maxed and near-maxed Thors it really sounds like a bad idea.


Bleeders have become largely useless outside of a few very specific scenarios that benefit them. The one thing they had going for them was that the were excellent counters to Geminititan and Ardentismaxima, but now that both have 100% Swap Prevention Resistance, it just comes down to whether the player with the bleeding Max/Gem feels like letting them be offed or not.

Thor’s new DoT resistance is unnecessary, but then again, why are we surprised that some creatures are getting buffs and nerfs that they don’t deserve (nor were they asked for), while others that do need them get ignored?

Either way, best to start investing more into your Erlidominus’, Magnapyritors, and Erlikospyxs, because they’re shaping up to be Thor’s best and only true counters.


The buff to Thor was just unnecessary that it’s just a problem for the people that actually counters it with bleed, spinocon is supposed to be a counter but it will not longer be, and the cunning creatures are not really efficient not mentioning that are not meta relevant except maybe for spyx, phor I don’t mind it, the delay on its rampage and run wasn’t a really big change as a user of her, so it will be interesting to see how she’ll do